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The best Johnny Depp movies is a subject open for debate. My favorites are different than yours, and yours are different than your sister' I turned, as I often do, to the best movie lists provided by Amazon customer reviews and the result is an interesting movie list.

In my reading, I discovered that there are more than a couple of Johnny Dep's movies that I have yet to see that his work really does cross many movie genres. I also discovered that most of his movies are available on blu-ray.

If you are curious, you will find the list and a discussion of those movies at The Five Best Johnny Depp Movies on Blu-ray and DVD. On that page, you will also find a list of all of the movies and television shows that Johnny Depp has ever appeared in.

My favorite Johnny Depp movie still is Chocolat and I know I have written about it time and time again.  Now it is your you enjoy Johnny Depp movies? If so, what is YOUR favorite Johnny Depp movie and why?

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Morgan Maine said...

Johnny Depp is the Best screen actor in years.
I have seen the film five times and each time I see something else to laugh at. The movie started out with a clever tale which took a wide eyed small boy down the trail to adventure and we went with him. From the moment the director called "action " we were on a wild ride of comedy, drama and breath taking scenery, thrilling actin shots and the real star of "Lone Ranger" and that was Johnny Depp the hilarious and incomparable "Tonto".
Johnny Depp was the reason I saw it five times. I like a film that has a story and is fun for the movie goer.
This is the best comedy I have seen since
"Some Like It Hot ".
Johnny Depp was Tonto! Morgan Maine


Movie Treasures By Brenda said...

I put off seeing the Lone Ranger until recently because of the mixed reviews but I was pleasantly surprised. It was a fun movie!

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