Why Is Tron (1982) So Hard To Find?

Why Is Tron (1982) So Hard To Find? Wondering why the original Tron movie from 1982 is so hard to come by? Rumors have it that Walt Disney ceased the production in order to prevent people from viewing the original movie and deciding to pass on the new one.  Whether or not that is true, I do not know but what I do know is that the price for the DVD and the VHS videotapes of the original movie is extremely high right now and that, although I would like to see the original movie, I'm just going to have to wait for the price to come down (or find someone willing to lend it to me.) 

I did see the new Tron: Legacy movie and enjoyed it. Seems to me that it fits the profile of the original though - excellent effects and a plot that is not particularly strong but you know, of course, that the reason for seeing the movie is for the light-cycles and the technology, not the story.

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