A Few Interesting Facts About Roger Ebert's Life As A Movie Critic

A Few Interesting Facts About Roger Ebert's Life As A Movie Critic

Roger Ebert left our world yesterday, on April 4, 2013  after a lifetime of writing about the movies. He may be gone but he will not be forgotten for he left behind a lifetime's worth of work and he helped to change the way we look at the movies.

Did you know:

That Roger Ebert worked for the Chicago Sun Times newspaper as a film critic for 46 years?

That he wrote 17 books, including the very popular I Hated, Hated, Hated This Movie (shown here), which  was popular despite its rather uncomfortable subject matter?

That he and partner Gene Siskel trademarked the phrase "Two Thumbs Up?"

That he penned the all-too-true phrase, "No good film is too long. No bad film is too short."

That Roger Ebert was the first movie reviewer to win a Pulitzer Prize for criticism?

That he reviewed up to 285 movies in a single year?

I enjoyed this short Youtube video by CNN, titled Roger Ebert's Influence and Legacy, and I think you will, too:

I do remember watching Siskel and Ebert review movies on television though I do not remember any specific reviews from that program.  I enjoyed his work in recent years through his blog, which I often referred to for great and sometimes not-so-great movie reviews.

How about you, do you remember Roger Ebert and his movie reviews?

Ironically, I usually close my posts with "See You At The Movies."  Until this week, I did not realize that was a phrase I had taken from Roger Ebert. So today, it seems more fitting to close with, 

Rest in Peace, Roger
and Thank you.


Unknown said...

Nice tribute to a rather amazing man. No, I didn't know all those things about Roger Ebert - very interesting! And wow, 46 years is a very long time!

I was impressed that he kept his sense of humor while fighting such a horrible illness and truly admire him just for that.

I agree. Rest in peace, Roger.

Treasures By Brenda said...

I totally agree Susan. I'm not sure that that I could have coped with his illness even half as well as he did.


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