Magic in the Moonlight Movie Review

Last night we watched MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT with Colin Firth and Emma Stone.

The story is that of a well known magician who dazzles audiences worldwide and his experiences when he discovers a real psychic or soothsayer.

The Guardian says, "Colin Firth and Emma Stone deliver fun and romantic whimsy in Woody Allen’s latest, but nothing memorable" and I agree. Magic in the Moonlight was okay, not great, though I loved the magic, the fabulous costumes and the setting of the French Riviera in the 1920s.

I would love to visit that time and that place. Imagine driving through the countryside of France in a convertible in the summertime.  What could be better?

Here's a peek at the movie via the movie trailer:


I think I would recommend this movie if you love romantic comedies and you love period pieces.  It might actually be worth watching just for the Roaring Twenties and the Jazz Age aspect, if that time period intrigues you. It's not the best-ever movie from those genres but it is a beautiful movie.

Magic in the Moonlight is rated PG-13 and overall I think that it is pretty inoffensive for an adult. There's little swearing, no sex though some kissing. There's smoking and drinking as there would have been in the 1920s and there is also the subject of whether or not there is a God and an afterlife.

Have you seen it? Will you be adding Magic in the Moonlight to your movie list?

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Unknown said...

I really appreciate your honest reviews, Brenda. I'll probably skip this, though the setting does sound very viewable.

Movie Treasures By Brenda said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting, Susan. I appreciate your support.


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