Iron Man Ultimate 2-Disc Edition Blu-ray

Iron Man Was One Of The Best Blu-ray Movies of 2008

Iron Man is a fun, action packed movie starring Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, particularly because of Downey and his character, Tony Stark.

DVD Talk Review says, that "while most superhero movies these days are duking it out over who's grittier, bleaker, and the most hellbent on slaughtering their supporting casts, Iron Man captures everything I love about Marvel comics." About the blu-ray release, they say that "Iron Man looks and sounds incredible on Blu-ray, and the movie is backed by somewhere in the neighborhood of four and a half hours of high definition extras."

High Def Digest writes "This Blu-ray is unequivocally terrific...with great video and even better audio, plus hours of HD-quality supplements. 'Iron Man' on blu-ray is a no-brainer."

The Movie Mom writes an excellent movie review, not of the blu-ray release but with a solid look at the appropriateness of the movie for children and the PG13 rating.

Finally, I highly recommend the Amazon Customer Reviews for this movie. I think they are great, there are many of them and they come from a wide variety of individuals. Most importantly, Iron Man scores 1,432 5-star reviews and they include wording like, "great use of special effects is good to dazzle your friends," "Iron Man could well replace Superman in the Big Three of comic book superheroes in the movies along with Spider-Man and Batman" and "the 2-Disc ultimate edition delivers!"

If you are interested, you can buy Iron Man on blu-ray from Amazon by clicking here. The blu-ray reviews on this page are about the Ultimate 2-Disc Edition, as shown at the top of the page.  The ultimate edition comes with a second disc full of extra features and BD live.  Unfortunately, this edition seems to be selling at a premium on Amazon.  However, you can find it on eBay new and used at a much lower price point. Here are a few options:

You might also choose the Iron Man three movie collection boxed set as shown here on Amazon. If you are adding one Iron Man movie to your blu-ray collection, you are going to want to add them all though if you want all of the special features, the 2-disc edition is your best bet.

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