How to Draw Zootopia

I went in search of books about drawing the characters in Zootopia but alas, I expect I was too early. What I did find was a series of Walt Disney videos devoted to drawing the characters of Judy Hopps, Nicke Wilde, Benjamin Clawhauser and Flash as well as a beautiful book about the art of Zootopia by Jessica Julius. I hope these resources will help you with your interest in drawing Zootopia.

How To Draw Zootopia Videos by Disney

The Art of Zootopia Book

If you are interested in animation and Zootopia, you might also want to check out this book, The Art of Zootopia. This beautifully illustrated volume by Jessica Julius details the work behind the scenes that went into creating the movie. Amazon customers praise the hardcover version of the book but caution against buying the Kindle version. You can learn more about The Art of Zootopia by clicking right here.
Happy drawing!

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Learn more about The Art of Zootopia on Amazon.
Find more Zootopia videos on Youtube by clicking right here.

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