Hunger Games Gift Ideas

The Hunger Games Gift Ideas

The Hunger Games trilogy came along just in time. The Harry Potter series had wound down and we needed some exciting reading material that would translate into the movie world. Author Suzanne Collins was kind enough to create the bestselling Hunger Games trilogy and Hollywood was only to happy to transform the riveting stories into movie form for us.

Starring Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson and a supporting cast featuring the likes of Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Lenny Kravitz, Stanley Tucci, Donald Sutherland, Wes Bentley, Toby Jones, Alexander Ludwig, Isabelle Fuhrman and Amandla Stenberg, we were been presented with a movie spectacle worthy of The Hunger Games books.

We looked for great merchandise choices featuring The Hunger Games and it was provided. Whether you are shopping for a tween, a teen or an adult who is enthralled with the world of The Hunger Games, you will find a top-rated Hunger Games gift idea for them here on this page.

A Complete 4-Film Collection

Of course, it goes without saying that every fan of the trilogy ought to own The Hunger Games and Catching Fire on Blu-ray disc or DVD! The set shown above can be found on Amazon by following this link.

A Katniss and Peeta Coffee Mug

The Hunger Games Coffee Mug

A coffee mug is something that everyone can use and I cannot imagine a gift that a Hunger Games fan would like more than one they can use every day. This Katniss and Peeta thermal coffee mug is a standard sized mug with a thermally activated changing image. When you add your favorite steaming hot beverage, flames appear in the black area of the mug, starting at the bottom and then working their way up. Find it here on eBay!

The Catching Fire Soundtrack

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Soundtrack

I read an AMAZING review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack and I believe that it appeals to all fans of the trilogy. Right now I'm listening to Coldplay's Atlas, which is the lead single from the soundtrack and perfectly simmers until it boils over...

Consequence of Sound  called the soundtrack a nice curation. The Ottawa Citizen, my local newspaper, gave the soundtrack a very strong four stars and says, "There's no clear victor on this record, apart from the fan."

The movie soundtrack is available on CD or MP3. Note that there are two choices a regular edition and a deluxe edition though if you're going to buy this release, I'm not sure why any fan would settle for the first.  You will find it here on Amazon.

The Limited Edition Poster Set

The Hunger Games Characters Poster Set

This set is a nice way to collect posters of your favorite characters from the movie. Included in this set of eight are Cato, Effie, Haymitch, Cinna, Gale, Katniss, Peeta and Rue. Amazon reports that only 2,500 of this poster set are being produced. Out of production, it is no longer available on Amazon but you can try to see if any have become available by clicking here.

The Mockingjay Pin

The Mockingjay Pin - The Hunger Games
Every fan of The Hunger Games knows the significance of the mockingjay and will want to own a pin.  If you are after one, you might want to check out this bronze pin, which is available directly from Amazon and which is very affordable, too making it the perfect way to show your support for Katniss Everdeen. Find it here on Amazon.

A Down With The Capitol Poster

The Hunger Games Down With The Capitol Poster

If you are looking for something to put on your wall, you might have considered this Down with the Capitol poster by digital artist L. Dossey though like many other Hunger Games merchandise items is no longer available. You can check, just in case, on Amazon by clicking here.

UPDATE: This poster, in paper format, appears to be discontinued. However, there is a metal version of it on Amazon here.

A Nothing Can Prepare You for the End Movie Poster

The Hunger Games Nothing Can Prepare You For The End Mockingjay Poster

Or you might consider this image which reads, Nothing Can Prepare You for the End. It is available affordably priced in four sizes from the artist on Etsy by clicking right here.

The Trilogy Boxed Book Set

The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxed Book Set

Of course, every fan of The Hunger Games should own all three of the books. If for some reason your Hunger Games fan doesn't own his or her own copies, this would make a wonderful gift item. This is a book series that will be read more than once and become a permanent part of a book lover's library so I highly recommend the hardcover books, which are designed to hold up to repeated readings. Find it here on Amazon.

Are you searching for the Hunger Games gifts? Given that much of the movie merchandise is no longer available, you might consider a general search for Hunger Games items on eBay just to see what IS available. True fans will enjoy browsing through the more than 22,000 items that I see listed today. Click here to see all of the Hunger Games items on eBay. You will find lots of books and movies but also some interesting items for your collection.

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The Top 10 Natural Disaster Movies

The Top 10 Natural Disaster Movies: The Day After Tomorrow

A natural disaster is one caused by natural forces, like a flood, tornado or hurricane, which leads to environmental, human and economic losses.

No one likes a natural disaster in real life but disaster movies are a form of entertainment that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Movies like 2012, The Day After Tomorrow and The Perfect Storm depict disasters that could happen.

On this page, you will find the top ten natural disaster movies as ranked by the percentage of five-star Amazon customer reviews as found when I originally wrote this page for another website. That was a few years ago so there may be a couple of newer disaster movies that did not make this list.

The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

In The Day After Tomorrow (shown above), global warming has arrived causing tornadoes to destroy L.A., a tidal wave to wipe out New York and the northern hemisphere to freeze up. The movie revolves around a climatologist named Jack Hall, his colleagues and his son trying to survive the super storm that is headed their way. Here's the movie trailer:

2012 (2009)

2012 Movie

Some people believe that natural disasters will cause the end of human life in 2012. The Mayan calendar states that the world will end in 2012 and Einstein predicted that there will be a huge solar eclipse in that year. In the movie '2012,' there are many kinds of natural disasters, including floods, volcanoes and earthquakes, that destroy the both the earth and human life in the year 2012. It stars John Cusack, Thandie Newton, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Amanda Peet and Oliver Platt.  Here's the movie trailer:

The Perfect Storm (2000)

The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm features a fishing group on a successful fishing trip. However, the only way they can sell the fish before it spoils is to reach the shore as soon as possible, which means that they risk their lives sailing through a hurricane. The Perfect Storm stars George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and Diane Lane.  Here's a peek at the movie via movie trailer:

The Perfect Storm: The Book

The Perfect Storm starts slowly but builds to a tragic ending, sharing the story of the fishing industry as well as the science of storm prediction. Learn about the people onboard the Andrea Gail who find themselves in the middle of the storm. This book shares interviews with those involved including survivors, families and rescue crews. As always, it is recommended that you read the book by Sebastian Junger before you watch the movie.

Buy the book from Amazon here.

Twister (1996) 

Twister is an older natural disaster movie worth watching. This thriller is packed with excitement and special effects. It tells the story of scientists following an extremely destructive weather system in Tornado Alley. Those scientists hope to learn more about tornadoes in order to develop a better early warning system. Twister stars Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton and Cary Elwes. Here's your peek via the official movie trailer.

Tornado (1996)

Tornado movie is a made-for-television movie, which receives good marks. A storm chaser in Texas tries to guess when the twisters will strike. His meteorology professor has an invention which should prove helpful except they have to put it in the path of an oncoming twister. Definitely a race against mother nature. Amazon customer Merlin Marshall considers this movie better than Twister. He says that the way they show the weather service, weather map, and the tornado is better and considers this film to be more accurate than others. What do you think? If you have seen them both, be sure to let us know! You can read all of the Amazon customer reviews by clicking on the picture of the movie.

Dante's Peak (1997)

Dante's Peak is beautifully set, which hides the fact that the town is located at the base of a dormant volcano. Of course, given that this is a natural disaster movie you can guess that the volcano is no longer dormant. Officials try to hush up the fact that there could be an eruption but soon it is impossible to hide the exploding volcano and it becomes a fight to leave town and survive. Dante's Peak stars Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton.

Volcano (1997)

An earthquake hits Los Angeles and causes a volcano to push to the surface...and the people of Los Angeles discover the one volcano that they do not know about. Amazon calls this movie 'pulse-thrilling' and says that the action starts right away... Volcano stars Tommy Lee Jones, Anne Heche, Gaby Hoffmann and Don Cheadle.

Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York (2006)

Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York features an unsuspected volcano under the city of New York, which is putting the entire city at risk. In just a short time, the city could be destroyed. Stars Costas Mandylor, Alexandra Paul, Michael Ironside, Michael Boisvert and Eric Breker.

Armageddon  (1998)

Armageddon is definitely an action-adventure movie, this one about a meteor storm. NASA's director realizes that there are just 18 days before the earth will be hit and destroyed by a meteor that is the same size as Texas. It brings in a team of rough oil drillers to drop a nuclear warhead into the core of the meteorite. Amazon rightly calls this film a thrill ride. Starring an all-star cast, which includes Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler and Will Patton.

Earthquake (1974)

Earthquake is an older movie about ordinary people who must face a natural disaster together. Located in Southern California, they struggle to survive a huge earthquake and its subsequent shock waves.

Featuring a noteworthy cast, including Charlton Heston, Ava Gardner, George Kennedy, Lorne Greene and Geneviƃ¨ve Bujold, this movie won Academy Awards for sound and special effects. I must say that, of the movies I have NOT seen on this page, this one perhaps intrigues me the most partly because of the cast and partly because of the Academy Awards.


Well, that's it. My list. Have you seen any of these natural disaster movies? Would you recommend any of them or do you have one you would like to add to this list? What is your favorite natural disaster movie?

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Celine Dion's The Magic Man Video

Listen to the Magic Man is one of two English songs that Celine Dion performed for movie the The Peanut Butter Solution. This song and one called Michael's Song were Celine's first English language recordings. Here's an early music video featuring the song and the movie:

The Peanut Butter Solution Blu-ray DVD Combo Release

The Peanut Butter Solution Blu-ray DVD

Those who have long wanted to rewatch The Peanut Butter Solution will be pleased to discover that the 1985 movie has finally been released on DVD and Blu-ray disc.  For years, the only option for watching this movie was a very dated VHS videotape. A choice which, because of rarity, had become expensive and necessitated the owning of a VCR.

For fun, here's a peek at the movie the movie trailer:

It is a French Canadian release, which explains the confusing text on the cover. However, both the blu-ray and the DVD disc have a copy of the movie in English and in French so you can buy it knowing you will be able to view it in the language you prefer. Also included in the case is a small booklet with pictures from the movie. Unfortunately, the text within that booklet is only in French.

If you have long wanted to own this movie, you can buy your copy from eBay by clicking here.

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The Peanut Butter Solution recipe for baldness.

Spider-Man Grabs A Starbucks Coffee

Spider-Man Grabs A Starbucks Coffee
I have not often written here about my crush on Spider-Man. However, many who I know in the online world are aware since he figures in my profile picture on places like Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

It was therefore a hoot when I saw him grab a coffee at Starbucks. Well, I saw him on a Youtube video, of course. Still a lot of fun and imagine if the web slinger had stopped in while you were at Starbucks!

Enjoy this video from the people at Sony Pictures Entertainment who brought to us the 2017 version of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

I have yet to write my review of Spider-Man: Homecoming but rest assured that I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. You will, too.

Wouldn't it be fun if Spider-Man stopped by when you were at Starbucks?

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The Peanut Butter Solution Recipe for Baldness

The Peanut Butter Solution Recipe
I recently reposted my review of the 1985s movie, The Peanut Butter Solution, here on my movies blog and am also sharing this recipe, which does NOT come HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by me, LOL. Enjoy it at your own risk! It is posted simply for fun and not really intended to cure baldness. I think you will see why when you read the ingredient list.

The Peanut Butter Solution Recipe


1 really ripe banana
5 dead flies
1 rotten egg
3 licorice leaves
A fistful of kitty litter
3 Connie Crisps
3 Crosbie Crackers
9 spoons of soil
Glass of pepper's fizz
Spoonful of peanut butter


Combine all ingredients in a blender and then put them on your head, being particularly careful not to add too much peanut butter. Also be cautious of getting the mixture on the rest of your body as hair will grow wherever the mixture lands.

Unfortunately, I have no idea where I originally found this recipe many, many years ago.

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The Peanut Butter Solution Recipe for Baldness

The Peanut Butter Solution Movie Recipe

The Peanut Butter Solution Recipe

The Peanut Butter Solution Movie Review (1985)

The Peanut Butter Solution Movie Review

What Happens When You Misuse The Peanut Butter Solution?

Bald is beautiful...unless you are a young boy who suffers a bad fright and has all of his hair suddenly fall out. That is the story in The Peanut Butter Solution, a rare movie from 1985, which is currently only available on VHS videotape and not on DVD, which is now available on eBay as a Blu-ray and DVD combo.

What follows the loss of his hair is both touching and humourous. It really is a serious problem when he loses his hair but he does not quite follow the recipe that he receives for curing baldness and adds too much peanut butter...bald might have been bad but once that hair started to grow...look out! What follows is a hairy mess and, as the cover says, "a hair-raising family adventure" that will make you laugh out loud.

On this page, find more information and reviews of The Peanut Butter Solution as well as sources for buying your own copy of the movie. And, just in case you want to try it out, you can find a Peanut Butter Solution (for baldness) recipe here.


The Peanut Butter Solution Story Line

"Michael is an 11-year old who investigates a supposedly haunted house that has recently burned down. What he sees scares him so badly that he faints, and on top of that, two days later all of his hair falls out. A couple of ghosts give him a magic recipe to make his hair grow back, but Michael puts too much of one of the ingredients - peanut butter - in the concoction and astonishing results occur!"

Fast Facts About The Peanut Butter Solution

ACTORS: Mathew Mackay, Siluck Saysanasy, Alison Darcy, Michael Hogan, Michel Maillot

DIRECTOR: Michael Rubbo

WRITERS: Michael Rubbo, Andre Pelletier, Louise Pelletier, Vojtech Jasn

PRODUCERS: Jim Kaufman, Nicole Robert, Rock Demers

RATED: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)

STUDIO: Anchor Bay


VHS RELEASE DATE: July 28, 1994

RUN TIME: 94 minutes

MUSIC: Celine Dion performs two songs in English in this movie. They represent her first English recordings.


Reviews of The Peanut Butter Solution

The Peanut Butter Solution MovieYES! The Peanut Butter Solution Is Really a Movie! The Peanut Butter Solution was not a figment of your imagination.

It is a movie that people remember vaguely and leave comments online like: I can't believe this was actually a real movie!, "I thought this movie was just a dream..." and, "Wow. It was actually real."

People have spent years trying to figure out what this weird movie was that they remember watching as a child. A movie in which a boy lost his hair and used something to grow it back. When they finally figure out that it was this movie, they feel better. One writer said, "There should be a society called The Peanut Butter Solution Viewers Anonymous... for those who saw this movie who were haunted by it and told that it doesn't exist".

Canuxploitation said"The Peanut Butter Solution has proven it has just enough of an eccentric Dr. Seuss touch to permanently wedge itself in the memories of young viewers. Watching it again today, the film holds up generally well, despite some dated special effects."

Click here to buy your copy of The Peanut Butter Solution Blu-ray DVD combo on eBay.

Have you seen The Peanut Butter Solution? Are you a fan of 1980s movies? Is there a movie that you remember from the past that is haunting you?

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Orson Welles' Ghost Story (1951)
The Cheaters (1945)
The Great American Cowboy (1973)
The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978)

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Sesame Street's Abby Cadabby Gift Set

Sesame Street's Abby Cadabby Gift Set

Continuing in my series of movies and shows based on toys for young children, let’s celebrate Sesame Street's Abby Cadabby in Wonderland.

In this fairy tale, Sesame Street's Muppet, fairy Abby Cadabby, falls asleep and follows a Red Rabbit (played by Elmo) down a rabbit hole and into a "Wonderland" where she encounters quirky and whimsical characters including Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (played by Bert and Ernie) and The Cheshire Cat (played by Cookie Monster.)

Abby also attends a silly tea party presided over by a Mad Hatter (played by Grover) who also can be a "sad" hatter or a "glad" hatter with the change of a hat. Will Abby find her missing magic wand and be able to get back to Sesame Street or does the Grouch of Hearts (played by Oscar) have other plans?

Watch the trailer for yourself and see just how adorable this film is:

Fans of Abby Cadabby will want to own this movie. I am  pretty sure they would like to own this beautiful plush doll, too! Abby is so pretty! Pretty in pink. Put a copy of the movie and the plush to together to come up with a great gift set for a young Abby fan.

Sesame Street's Abby Cadabby Plush Toy or Doll

Is someone you know a fan of Abby?

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Find this beautiful Gund Sesame Street Abby plush toy on Amazon.

Sesame Street's Abby Cadabby Plush Toy or Doll
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Candy Land Gift Set

If you are or you have a fan of Candy Land in your family, why not create a Candy Land-themed gift set?

Continuing in my series of movies and shows based on toys for young children, let’s celebrate Candyland: The Great Lollipop Adventure! 


The gingerbread boy in this television program, demonstrates responsibility, perseverance, and ingenuity on his adventure to the Candy Castle. The program features a cute story and five songs that will introduce your child to Candy Land in a whole new way. The 55-minute program is rated G. 


What girls remember playing Candy Land as a youngster? Did you know you can buy a new copy of the game or, of course, a vintage copy?
It may be hard to believe but the game Candy Land has been in production since 1949. It is a simple board game, which is appropriate for young children because you do not have to be able to read to play it and you need only know basic counting skills. There is not even any strategy. You just follow directions and race through the game. The game is recommended for children between the ages of 3 and 7.


If you have fond memories of Candy Land, you might prefer to gift or to add a vintage copy of the board game to your collection. Click here to see the vintage version of this game available right now on eBay. Remember that the listings on eBay are available from private sellers and, once they are sold, are gone forever so if you see a copy of the game you would like to own, don't wait to place your bid.

To create a fun gift set, put together a copy of the show on DVD with a copy of the game and maybe some candy.

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Angelina Ballerina Gift Set

Angelina Ballerina Gifts

Angelina Ballerina Madame Alexander Doll

Continuing in my series of movies and shows based on toys for young children, let’s celebrate Angelina Ballerina Mousical Medleys!

The mouselings visit with the stars of Mousical the Musical may be ruined. In this hour-long show, Gracie jeopardises a dance-a-thon when she turns her attention to recycling.

To create a fun gift set, bring together a copy of the show on DVD, one of the pretty books and a beautiful Madame Alexander doll like the one shown here!

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Tonka Tough Truck Adventures Gift Set

Toy company HASBRO and Kidtoons joined together to create movies and shows based on toys that are appropriate for young children to view. On this page, the fifth in a series, let's celebrate Tonka Tough Truck Adventures: The Biggest Show on Wheels!

Hard work. Heroics. Humor. Horsepower. Home cookin'. Combined to "drive" Tonka Tough Truck Adventures. Any construction truck loving boy or girl will enjoy watching Joe, a mechanic, and the other characters as they find adventure in a revved up world.

This show features unique vehicle characters as the heroes of the CGI-animated film. Join Joe, the master mechanic, along with the 12-ton, 4-wheel drive action heroes: Axle, Rally, Gator, Bolt, Fins, Slice, Cutter, Trapper, Dunes and Crusher in the small town of Biggsburg as they encounter big adventures in their super charged world.

To create a fun gift set, simply put together a copy of the DVD with one of the 4-wheel drive action heroes!

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Find FINS here.

Bob the Builder: Teamwork Time Gift Set

Toy company HASBRO and Kidtoons joined together to create movies based on toys that are appropriate for young children to view. On this page, the forth in a series, let's celebrate Bob the Builder: Teamwork Time.

In the 2012 program, we find out all about teamwork when Dizzy learns to be thoughtful, Roley learns that safety is the most important, and Scrambler needs a team to get the job done, which are all important lessons.

I personally know a couple of grown men who would have loved to own this Bob the Builder Deluxe Talking Tool Belt set when they were little boys. It features everything your young (aged 2 to 5 years) builder requires to work his own construction site, including a pair of pliers, a screwdriver, a wrench, a hammer and a ruler. He’ll be impressed with the belt bucket when it speaks in Bob’s voice and, perhaps most importantly, he will LOVE wearing the hard hat.

If you are creating a gift set, start with a copy of the program on DVD and then add an item like this fun construction set!

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Order the construction set here.

Noddy and Friends Movie Gift Set

Toy company HASBRO and Kidtoons joined together to create movies based on toys that are appropriate for young children to view. On this page, the third in a series, let's celebrate Noddy and Friends as seen on PBS.

Noddy is set in a village called Toyland whose people are "committed to friendship, respect, caring, and cooperation." The doll we know as Toddy loves helping others. In this film, he helps those around him realize that it doesn't really matter who goes first but rather that everyone gets a chance to take part.

If you are creating a gift set, start with a copy of the program on DVD and then add an item like this adorable plush Noddy!

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Order your copy of Noddy and Friends from Amazon.
Check out the Noddy toys on Amazon.

Author's Note: Originally published elsewhere in 2008.

Thomas & Friends Great Discovery Movie Gift Set

Toy company HASBRO and Kidtoons joined together to create movies based on toys that are appropriate for young children to view. On this page, the second in a series, let's celebrate Thomas and Friends: The Great Discovery Movie.

In this movie, Sodor Day is coming and the engines are busy preparing. When Thomas gets lost in the mountains, he discovers the old town of Great Waterton! Soon the whole island is buzzing with the news of his discovery. Sir Topham Hatt puts Thomas, along with his friends, in charge of restoring the town in time for the Sodor Day celebrations.

Fans of Thomas the Tank Engine need to start with a complete set like the Great Discovery set shown here though of course a complete set is expensive. If buying a set is too much for your budget there are, of course, plenty of other Thomas toy items available. Whatever you choose, combine it with a copy of the movie to create a great little boy's gift set!

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Buy your Thomas and Friends The Great Discovery Movie from Amazon.
Find the Great Discovery train set on Amazon.

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Harry Potter Wallets for Harry Potter Fans

Harry Potter Mischief Managed Wallet
Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. That is definitely the case with these attractive Harry Potter wallets. They feature themes from our favorite book and movie franchise and they are so cute that I hardly need say a word about them! A picture alone would do the job quite nicely.

Anyway, whether you prefer the Mischief Managed theme, you would like the Hogwarts Express wallet with the platform 9 3/4 reference or you always dreamed of an acceptance letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, there is a wallet for you.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Wallet

You can read more about them and find them on eBay right now by clicking here. They seem reasonably priced for a product that is not leather. Yes, that is the obvious downside of these wallets. It would be great if they were leather but, if they were constructed from leather, no doubt they would be a lot more expensive.

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Buy your Harry Potter wallet on eBay.

Harry Potter Wallets for Harry Potter Fans


Create A Barbie Mermaid Tale Gift Set

Toy company HASBRO and Kidtoons joined together to share movies based on popular toys that are appropriate for young children to view. On this page, the first in a series, let's celebrate Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2. Here is a peek into the story via the official movie trailer:

The animated movie A Mermaid Tale 2 finds Barbie acting as the character Merliah, a champion surfer who also happens to be a mermaid and a princess. "Anything is possible when you stay true to yourself!"

Fans of Barbie and her adventures will want to own this 2013 animated Barbie movie and probably the first movie, too. I am also sure that they would like to own this mermaid-themed Barbie doll. Put the two items together to come up with a great gift set for a young Barbie fan. If you would like to put this gift set together for a wee one in your life, you will find the Mermaid dolls on Amazon by clicking here and the movies by clicking here.

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The Barbie Andy Warhol Doll.

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