Neil Young The Archives Volume 1

Neil Young's Archives have been deemed, the "Most Ambitious Artist Collection Ever Produced." The set took 20 years to put together and includes an amazing 128 audio tracks, 48 of them which were previously unreleased and 13 of them which had never been heard. The set is packed with more than 1,000 photos, lyrics, letters and memorabilia items.

You will learn all about the first 10 years of Neil Young's career and enjoy information about his life that, when released, was not available anywhere else.

Here's a peek via the official trailer:

Enjoy Neil Young's Archives on your choice of format, blu-ray, DVD or CD.

With regard to the blu-ray release, says, that this volume, Neil Young Archives Volume 1, is groundbreaking for a number of reasons including that it sounds like "pristine vinyl", has lots of footage and rare tracks and shares many special moments. They suggest that it lays an impressive trail for other artists to follow.

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Hunger Blu-ray Movie Review & Trailer

Hunger is based on a true story that took place in 1981 in Northern Ireland's prison, Maze where inmate Bobby Sands went on a hunger strike, protesting the fact that the government refused to see him and other IRA inmates as political prisoners. Amazon summed up this movie very nicely when they said, "McQueen dramatizes prison existence and Sands' final days in a way that is purely experiential, even abstract, a succession of images full of both beauty and horror."

There are a number of Amazon customer reviews of interest for Hunger, including this one by Nathan Andersen. "Apart from being overwhelmed by the intensity and importance of the subject matter...I was stunned by the power of the filmmaking. This is one of the most impressive directorial efforts I've seen in a long time, and an amazing debut by Steve McQueen, and I expect it will be recognized as one of the most important films of this decade by the film historians who care about substance and style over commercialism and buzz. This is definitely one to have for the library of the film lover who likes to study films; there's a lot to learn here."

You can read all of the Amazon customer reviews by clicking right here.

With regard to the quality of the blu-ray release, does an indepth review of Hunger and calls the blu-ray transfer impressive and calls the blu-ray disc VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

High-Def Digest says that this is a hard-to-watch movie but that it is an important one with some moving acting. The movie is recommended on its own merits and the blu-ray transfer is well done, too. They call it a no-brainer, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Finally, DVD Talk says that this is an unsettling film and a moving experience, one that should be seen. The blu-ray, they say is as good as the movie, with a "spectacular high definition presentation and an equally effective master-quality soundtrack."

Hunger was on the list of best blu-ray movies of 2010 and obviously, would make an excellent addition to your blu-ray movie collection.

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You Will Love The New Muppets Movie Soundtrack (2011)

We saw The Muppets Movie shortly after it was released on November 23, 2011 and thoroughly enjoyed it.  As a matter of fact, it was so much fun that I almost found myself singing along with The Muppets and I am sure I was not the only one.

The soundtrack includes remakes of old Muppet favorites like the Muppet Theme Song, Rainbow Connection (The Moopets version) and Mah Na Mah Na as well as numerous songs that are new including Man or Muppet, Life's A Happy Song and Me Party, a duet by Miss Piggy and Amy Adams.

Here's the official trailer for the soundtrack, which is about 7 minutes long and not really much of an ad for the soundtrack, if you want my humble opinion because the music in the movie was so good and the trailer, not so good.

Trailer aside, this is the one album that I would love to be given at Christmas.  It is, of course available from Amazon on CD or as an MP3 download.

Life's A
Happy Song!

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Four Christmases Movie Review

I pulled Four Christmases down from the shelf when I was looking for a Christmas-themed movie for my 19 year old son to watch with me.  He really was not keen on a Christmas movie so it had to be something funny and Four Christmases it was.

Four Christmases is a humorous Christmas movie from 2008 that stars Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon.  It tells the story of a young couple that is forced to stay home from a tropical vacation and visit their parents, all four sets of them.

It was funny and I loved the cameo appearances by many well known older actors like Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek Jon Voight and Mary Steenburgen. The critics were not kind to Four Christmases but I enjoyed the film and I laughed outloud.  Sometimes a little laughter is a good thing.

Be warned that, as is obvious in the official movie trailer, this is NOT a family Christmas movie. It has enough sexual references and crude language to make many people (myself included) uncomfortable. The opening sexual scene had me wondering what I had gotten into in selecting this movie. I checked the box and saw that it is rated PG-13. (I thought it might have been rated R.)

In the end, I enjoyed Four Christmases and I would recommend it to people who want a light comedic movie with the caution about the content making it inappropriate for viewing with young people.  Next time, I think I will look for a Christmas comedy aimed at families.

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Hallmark Hall of Fame's Have A Little Faith (2011) Movie on DVD

An almost-wordless Wednesday movie post suits me perfectly given how busy I am these days with work and getting ready for the holidays. Hallmark Hall of Fame's Have A Little Faith is a movie that I enjoyed this week. What about you? Did you make any time for a movie this week?

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Hallmark Hall of Fame Timeless Treasures DVD Collection (2011)

The second of two collections, Hallmark Hall of Fame Timeless Treasures delivers three more of the best Hallmark movies.  This triple feature set is being offered on a 'limited time' basis and includes The Magic of Ordinary Days, Sarah Plain and Tall and What the Deaf Man Heard.  I have seen and enjoyed all of these movies.

It is worth noting that What The Deaf Man Heard earned a place on my page about The Best Hallmark Movies Ever.

The Magic of Ordinary Days and Sarah Plain and Tall are both also well loved Hallmark movies.

I aplaud Hallmark's choice of movies in this triple feature. Anyone who loves Hallmark films will appreciate this collection.

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Order your copy of Hallmark Hall of Fame Timeless Treasures.
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Hallmark Hall of Fame Christmas Collection DVD (2011)

Hallmark Hall of Fame Christmas Collection

Hallmark Hall of Fame movies are, in my opinion, the best of the Hallmark movies so it is very interesting and definitely very well timed that Hallmark is offering for a limited time two Triple Feature Collections.

This set is the Hallmark Hall of Fame Christmas Collection.  It includes thee fantastic Christmas-themed movies: A Dog Named Christmas, November Christmas and A Season For Miracles. The first two I have seen and loved. The last I have yet to see but A Season For Miracles has  only perfect five-star reviews from the customers on Amazon.

You can order your copy of the Hallmark Hall of Fame Christmas Collection from Amazon by clicking here. It would definitely be a gift any Hallmark movie lover would like to find under the Christmas tree.

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W Network Airs Hallmark Christmas Movies (2011)

A kindly reader pointed out that some of the Hallmark Christmas movies are available in Canada between now and Christmas on the W Network. Thank you, thank you, thank you to that friend. I would have totally missed this opportunity if she had not pointed it out.

I am particularly looking forward to two of The Good Witch movies - The Good Witch's Gift and The Good Witch's Family - as I have not had a chance to see any of this movie series.  Both of them air on Tuesday, December 6, 2011.

When Love is Not Enough - The Lois Wilson Story is the story of the couple who started AA. I have seen it and can recommend it though I really don't think of it as a Christmas movie. When Love is Not Enough airs on Wednesday, December 7, 2011.

Lucky Christmas, a new 2011 Hallmark Christmas movie, airs on Monday December 12. It tells the story of a single mom whose car is stolen, complete with her winning lottery ticket. It is one of the few new 2011 Hallmark movies in the W Network movie line-up.

Finally, I see Christmas in Canaan, the 2009 movie starring Billy Ray Cyrus, which is being followed this year by Return to Canaan and I see that Night Before the Night Before Christmas airs on Wednesday December 14, 2011.

This short post is just my attempt to let you know that you can tune into some great Hallmark Christmas movies on the W Network. (It is not a complete list.) If you are interested, check your tv guide every day in order to determine what Christmas Hallmark films are on the W Channel schedule.

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Elizabeth Taylor Christie's Auction Video

The Christie's auction of Elizabeth Taylor jewelry and clothing draws nearer and I was thrilled to stumble across this video that shares some of Elizabeth Taylor's 50 year collection of haute couture clothing and jewelry.

 Miss Taylor had a style of her own and her stunning collection included top designers like Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Versace, Herm├Ęs, Fendi, Valentino, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Prada, of which 400 pieces will appear in the Christie's auction, slated to occur from December 13 to December 16, 2011.

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Elizabeth Taylor's My Love Affair with Jewelry
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A brief video biography of Elizabeth Taylor by Paul Newman.
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Jessica Tandy's The Christmas Story Lady Movie Review

Jessica Tandy's The Christmas Story Lady Movie Review
If there is nothing you love better than cuddling up with a good book and your children, you are bound to love this Christmas movie, The Christmas Story Lady.

The story is that of a Grandmother who has to give up her own home and move in with her daughter. Needing a purpose in life, she approaches many local institutions in search of a volunteer job.

She eventually stumbles across a public television studio that will allow her to tape her own television show and so she creates 'The Christmas Story Lady' on which she shares her favorite children's stories.  When her show catches the eye of a television executive, it no longer is a simple little show produced by a sweet lady and, of course, it grows out of control.

I enjoyed this family friendly film, which stars Jessica Tandy, Ed Begley Jr., and Stephanie Zimbalist. It was a made-for-television movie in 1991 and it is a wholesome movie, like the Anne of Green Gables series, and one I can wholeheartedly recommend for the entire family.

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