Star Wars Christmas Tree Ornament Set

Star Wars Christmas Tree Ornament Set

Here's a cute set of Christmas tree ornaments form Hallmark. I love how this set includes four of our favorite Star Wars character including C3PO, Darth Vader, Storm Trooper and R2D2, that they're dressed up a bit to resemble Christmas icons like Santa Claus, an elf, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and that they are boxed for Christmas gift giving.  They would suit any Star Wars geek either given as a set, given individually or given as a stocking stuffer.

Merry Christmas!

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How To Survive The Christmas Holidays According to the Movies

How To Survive The Christmas Holidays According to the Movies: A Video

For movie fans, here's a fun video that describes, according to the movies, what you have to do to safely and sanely survive the Christmas holiday season.

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Christmas Movies:

A Very Brady (Bunch) Christmas Movie Review.
A Dog Named Christmas Movie Review.

Miss Piggy Covers Adele's Hello

Miss Piggy Covers Adele's Hello. Watch the video here.

Lovely. Miss Piggy can sing!
Miss Piggy is in the news again. Seems she's popping up everywhere these days.  I enjoyed seeing her at the 2015 Country Music Awards when Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley joked about her split up with Kermit.  Now she's done a cover version of Adele's might just pull on your heart strings. Watch the video for yourself here:

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Star Wars The Force Awakens BB-8 Gifts

Star Wars The Force Awakens BB-8 Gifts - a page full of them!

BB-8 Droid

I'll start by saying that I am totally amazed at how popular this new Star Wars character, BB-8, is even before the new movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is released. 

The idea that people dressed as BB-8 for Halloween and that toys were flying off the shelves even before the release of the movie is really quite remarkable and a testament to the popularity of the Star Wars franchise with all generations. 

If you like the franchise yourself, I know you will enjoy these BB-8 gift ideas all of which feature, the new and very popular astromech droid. I have chosen ten interesting items. They are all items that I would like to own. They vary in price from quite affordable to budget stretchers. There is definitely something available for everyone whether you are looking for a really special toy that will be treasured forever or for something that is more affordable and practical.

BB-8 Coffee Keeps Me Rolling Coffee Mug

I'm a big coffee mug fan and collector so it seems natural that I'll start my list with a mug and yes, there are a number of BB-8 mugs available. Shown above is Hallmark's mug, Coffee Keeps Me Rolling. It's a handsome piece, available on Amazon by clicking here.

Star Wars The Force Awakens BB-8 Gifts - a page full of them!

BB-8 Reversible Winter Scarf

There's an attractive knitted reversible scarf featuring the image of BB-8. You will find it on Amazon by clicking right here.

Star Wars The Force Awakens BB-8 Gifts - a page full of them!

BB-8 Plans T-Shirt

Another of my favorite finds is this BB-8 t-shirt, which features the plans used for building the droid. It's available on Amazon by clicking right here

Star Wars The Force Awakens BB-8 Gifts - a page full of them!

Star Wars The Force Awakens BB-8 Gifts - a page full of them! BB-8 Night Light

This item had me scratching my head until I read more about it. It's a night light that mounts on the wall. The decal makes it look like BB-8 is crashing through the wall and into your room. It runs on batteries so there is no cord to ruin the effect. You can find it on Amazon by clicking here. There's also an alarm clock available that looks much the same without the decal. You can find it by clicking here. If you can't find it there, try eBay by clicking here.  I had more luck finding it there today.

BB-8 Lego

If you are a Lego fan, you will find BB-8 as a minifigure in two Lego sets, the new version of the Millenium Falcon, set 75105 and Poe's X-Wing Fighter, set 75102.

Star Wars The Force Awakens BB-8 Gifts - a page full of them!

Star Wars The Force Awakens BB-8 Gifts - a page full of them!

Star Wars The Force Awakens BB-8 Gifts - a page full of them!Of course, it is also possible just to buy the minifigures from the new movie.  I found BB-8 on his own on Amazon by clicking here. It would make a great and unexpected stocking stuffer for any fan.

BB-8 App-Enabled Droid

Finally, here's the coolest BB-8 toy in town. It's the sought after BB-8 app-enabled droid.

Watch him in action in this two-minute video but watch with this warning in mind. Watching will make you want to own this droid.

What did you think? I think BB-8 is a whole lot of fun and I know that I am not alone. He's the cutest little droid out there and he is one of this Christmas' hottest toys. You can find the BB-8 App-Enabled Droid here on Amazon.

Finally, f you are curious, you can find even more BB-8 gift ideas on Amazon by clicking here.

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Star Wars Christmas In The Stars Record

Star Wars Christmas In The Stars Christmas Album.

Star Wars Christmas Album

The Star Wars Christmas In The Stars Christmas album was issued in 1980 and includes nine tracks as follows:

  • Christmas In The Stars
  • Bells, Bells, Bells
  • The Odds Against Christmas
  • What Can You Get A Wookiee For Christmas
  • R2-D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas
  • Sleigh Ride
  • Merry, Merry Christmas
  • A Christmas Sighting ('Twas The Night Before...) and,
  • The Meaning Of Christmas.

Take a listen to "Christmas in the Stars." It is bound to make you smile; it did me.


I think that this Christmas album is bound to be of interest to Star Wars fans though I do not believe that it has joined the ranks of classic Christmas music. The recording is available on vinyl record, tape cassette or compact disc from Amazon by clicking right here. You might also check to see what sellers on eBay have Christmas in the Stars available by clicking here. This album would make a totally unexpected Christmas gift for a fan of the Star Wars franchise, don't you think?

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Author's Note: This page was originally written in 2008 on another site.

Star Wars Christmas Holiday Edition R2-D2 and C-3PO Action Figures (2002)


Star Wars Christmas Holiday Edition R2-D2 and C-3PO Action Figures (2002)

The 2002 Holiday Edition C-3PO and R2-D2 set was a limited edition sold only through Wal-Mart stores and was the first in a series of Holiday Edition commemorative figures produced by Hasbro.

This collectible item was inspired by the 1980s Lucasfilm holiday greeting card art by Ralph McQuarrie, the concept artist responsible for much of the look of the original Star Wars trilogy.

The set comes with a display base and includes a full-sized holiday greeting card, if you care to open up the package though I expect many collectors will prefer not to open the packaging.  This action figure set would make a great and unexpected gift idea for any Star Wars fan, new or old. You can find it on Amazon by clicking here and on eBay by clicking here. Because this is a retired item, it might definitely be worth doing a price comparison!

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The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978)

The Star Wars Holiday Special

Happy Life Day, The 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special

The Star Wars Holiday Special was a two-hour show set in a galaxy far, far away which aired on November 17, 1978. In this television program, Chewbacca and Hans Solo visit Chewbacca's home world and celebrate Life Day. They are pursued by agents of the Galactic Empire searching for rebels on the planet.

In variety show format, this special features visits from many of the Star Wars characters, an introduction to three of Chewbacca's family members and numerous celebrity guests including Jefferson Starship, Diahann Carroll, Art Carney, Harvey Korman, and Bea Arthur.

It is said that George Lucas was never pleased with the production and so the show has never been officially released in any format. Despite that fact, it has managed to become a cult phenomenon. A film that people have heard about it and want to see out of curiosity.

The original film is said to be held in the Lucasfilm archives and the show is available to us today only because someone who watched it in 1978 took the time to record it on Betamax or VHS. Therefore, the only copies available today are bootleg versions that have been duplicated over and over again, which translates into horrible quality rendering and of course, because they are copies, they are illegal to sell on eBay, Amazon or anywhere. My check today on those websites does not turn up a single copy.

Here's the story of the Star Wars Holiday Special from an ABC newscast. Because it is only available illegally, ABC is only able to share a small piece of the film.

Did that small clip help you decide that you never need to see the show? Or did it cement your desire to see it?

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More Rare Films:

Orson Welles' Ghost Story (1951)
The Cheaters (1945)
The Great American Cowboy (1973)

Author's Note: This page was originally written in 2008 on another site.

Four Hallmark Christmas Movies (2009-2010)

Have you seen these Hallmark Christmas movies from 2010 and 2009?

The Night Before The Night Before Christmas (2010)

The Night Before, The Night Before Christmas is the story of one family trying to save Santa and the delivery of presents on Christmas Eve. December 23rd arrives and they find that they do not have a Christmas tree, any presents or any Christmas spirit. They have simply been too busy with their lives and their busy schedules, even during the holiday season. Of course this will change when Santa crashes on the roof of their home on Christmas Eve. Santa's sleigh is broken down and his gift bag missing and he is suffering from amnesia. One of the children who still believes in Christmas magic is determined to save Christmas by getting his family into the holiday spirit. They have to work as a team in order to help Santa get back to work and, at the same time, they save their own family.

The Night Before, the Night Before Christmas was filmed in Toronto, Canada, and aired on Saturday, November 20th, 2010.

Read my full review here or click here to buy it on Amazon.

Call Me Mrs. Miracle (2010)

Those who loved Debbie Macomber's Mrs. Miracle will no doubt love the 2010 Christmas movie, Debbie Macomber's Mrs. Miracle 2. The movie is called Call Me Mrs. Miracle and is set at Christmastime in New York City. An opinionated saleswoman in a department store decides that it could use a bit of magic at holiday time and works to create a hot toy for her boss. She also takes control of things at the store and helps a romance between the assistant of a fashion designer and her nephew, working hard to ensure a great Christmas happens for everyone.

Mrs. Miracle (2009)

The original movie, Mrs. Miracle, aired on the Hallmark Channel on December 5, 2009 and is said to be Hallmark's highest rated film of 2009. It features a single dad who cannot locate a housekeeper for his twin sons. A magical housekeeper arrives and helps him move forward from his wife's death and find new love. He needed a miracle and Mrs. Merkle, referred to as Mrs. Miracle by the children, was the one who provided one.

This movie is available now from Amazon and was released November 16, 2010.

Read more about the two Mrs. Miracle movies here or click here to buy it on Amazon.

November Christmas (2010)

Aired on November 28, 2010.

In the new Hallmark Hall of Fame production, November Christmas, the Rhode Island family of a little girl who has cancer works to celebrate Christmas in the summer so that their daughter might enjoy it. Aided by an older couple and eventually the entire town, they manage to do so, creating both a Halloween and a Christmas that are special.The cast includes John Corbett, Sam Elliott, Karen Allen, Sarah Paulson and Emily Alyn Lind and the film was filmed in Wolfville, Canada. Read my full review here or click here to buy it on Amazon.

Do you love Hallmark Christmas movies?

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Author's Note: This page was originally written elsewhere in 2010.

Hallmark Christmas Movies (2012)

Love Hallmark Movies? On this page, rediscover the twelve Christmas-themed Hallmark movies that were released in 2012 and find out where you can buy them.

2012 Hallmark Christmas Movies List

  • Christmas with Holly
  • Christmas Song
  • Hitched for the Holidays
  • Matchmaker Santa
  • The Christmas Heart
  • A Bride for Christmas
  • Come Dance With Me
  • Help for the Holidays
  • Baby's First Christmas
  • The Wishing Tree
  • It's Christmas, Carol!
  • Naughty or Nice

Christmas Song  

Christmas Song originally aired on November 3, 2012. It starred Natasha Henstridge and Gabriel Hogan star in a story about two schools that have been merged into one. The rivalry of the former two schools dies hard, especially for the choir groups and the music teachers from the two schools who are forced to compete for the single teaching position with the competition taking the form of a Christmas song competition.

A Bride for Christmas  

A Bride for Christmas originally aired on December 1, 2012. It shares the story of a young woman who cancels her third engagement as she stands at the altar and is determined not to have another serious relationship until she meets the right man. She meets a young man who unknown to her is trying to win a bet that he can convince a woman to marry him by this Christmas.

Baby's First Christmas  

Baby's First Christmas originally aired on December 15, 2012. It features two lawyers - one male and one female - who are so different that they simply cannot get along. Finally, one of them moves on to another location but the pair still finds themselves thrown together when their sister and brother fall in love and have a baby. However, the baby's parents are in a difficult situation and the lawyers are forced to step in and help out.

Christmas Song, A Bride for Christmas and Baby's First Christmas are available on DVD as part of a four-movie set, as shown above. Movie collections like this are almost always more economical to buy than single DVD releases plus, in this case, you get four great Hallmark movies to watch. You can find it on Amazon by clicking right here.

Christmas with Holly

Originally appearing on December 9, 2012, Christmas with Holly is a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie presentation, which means that it aired on ABC instead of the Hallmark Channel. That is particularly important for those many Hallmark movie fans who do not have access to the Hallmark Channel.You can watch the official movie trailer and learn more about Christmas with Holly by clicking right here or you can buy the DVD from Amazon by clicking here.

Matchmaker Santa 

Matchmaker Santa originally aired on November 17, 2012, and stars Lacey Chabert, Florence Henderson, John Ratzenberger, Adam Mayfield and Donovan Scott. It tells the story of a woman in love with a workaholic named Justin who winds up stranded with his assistant, Dean, in a small romantic town at Christmas time. Matchmaker Santa is not available on DVD.

Hitched for the Holidays

Hitched for the Holidays originally aired on November 25, 2012, and tells the story of two young people who look for a temporary partner in an effort to please their families during the holidays. They do find each other but things become complicated when the Catholic and Jewish families get involved. It stars Joey Lawrence, Emily Hampshire and Marilu Henner.

Buy Hitched for the Holidays on DVD from Amazon.

The Christmas Heart 

The Christmas Heart originally aired on December 2, 2012. It sees traditions change on Arthur Avenue when a teenager from the neighborhood is hospitalized because he needs a heart transplant. A heart is located but must make it to the teenager on Christmas Eve through a snowstorm. The neighborhood puts out luminaires to honor the young man and his family and those very lights help save Matt's life. The Christmas Heart is not available on DVD.

Come Dance With Me  

Originally airing on December 8, 2012, Come Dance With Me shares the story of a financial executive trying to make a good impression on the head of the firm because he wants a promotion. However, at the same time, he is dating the daughter of the man he is trying to impress and the young lady's mother doesn't approve of the match. In an effort to create the perfect proposal, the young man signs up for dance lessons but once he starts dance lessons he discovers feelings for the dance instructor.

Click here to buy Come Dance with Me from Amazon.

Help For The Holidays

Help For The Holidays premièred December 9, 2012, and tells the story of one of Santa's female elves who wonders if life offers more than just making toys for Santa. When Santa receives a special wish from a youngster in L.A., he sends Christine to visit the family. The family, it turns out, needs an intervention because mom and dad are too busy working and the children often left alone. Christine takes on the roll of nanny, hoping to help bring the family back together. Help for the Holidays is not available on DVD.

It's Christmas, Carol! 

It's Christmas, Carol originally aired on November 18, 2012. It  captured my interest immediately because it is a twist on the traditional story, A Christmas Carol. In this version of this movie, a successful and ruthless book publisher is visited by the ghost of a previous boss who visits the past, present and future  revealing how her ways have been bad. Of course, she will wake up ready to repair her nasty past. It's Christmas, Carol stars Carrie Fisher, Emmanuelle Vaugier and Carson Kressley.

Naughty or Nice  

Naughty or Nice originally aired on November 24, 2012. It tells the story of Krissy Kringle who doesn't feel like dealing with the Santa mail she receives because she lives on Candy Cane Lane. However, she receives a parcel that she can't ignore that contains Santa's Naughty or Nice book. Naughty or Nice stars Hilarie Burton, Matt Dallas, Meredith Baster and Michael Gross.

The Wishing Tree 

The Wishing Tree premiered on November 10, 2012.  It stars Jason Gedrick, Emmalyn Estrada, Richard Harmon and Amital Marmorstein, The Wishing Tree shares the story of a professor who struggles to put the past behind him. He winds up helping a troubled teen turn her life around through a Christmas tree that is decorated with handwritten wishes and of course, the tree helps us all believe that wishes really do come true.

It's Christmas Carol, Naughty or Nice and The Wishing Tree are available on DVD as part of a four-movie set, as shown above. You can find it on Amazon by clicking right here.

In Closing

Well that's it. The Hallmark Christmas movie list from 2012. Which ones did you see? Which ones did you miss? Which one is the most intriguing to you? Be sure to take a moment to say hello in the comments box shown below.

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Hallmark Christmas Movies (2013)

Hallmark Christmas Movies (2013)

Love Hallmark Movies? On this page, rediscover the Christmas-themed Hallmark movies that were released in 2013.

The Hallmark Channel is the place to go for family-friendly holiday programming and lots of it. In 2013, the Hallmark Movie Channel delivered thirteen new Hallmark Christmas movies and a host of other holiday films, both old and new with the best time slots reserved for the brand new Hallmark movies.

The movies included Pete's Christmas, Merry Mix-Up, Let it Snow, Window Wonderland, Fir Crazy, Christmas Share, Christmas Star, The Christmas Ornament, Snow Bride, The Santa Switch, The Thanksgiving House, The Christmas Spirit and finally, Christmas in Conway, which appeared on ABC and not the Hallmark Channel, a decided bonus for those who do not receive the Hallmark Channel.

On this page, read a brief summary of each of the 2013 Hallmark Christmas movies and find out which ones are available on DVD.

A List of New Hallmark Christmas Movies (2013)

  • A Very Merry Mix-Up
  • The Christmas Spirit
  • Window Wonderland
  • Let it Snow
  • The Santa Switch
  • Pete's Christmas
  • Christmas Share
  • Snow Bride
  • The Thanksgiving House
  • Fir Crazy
  • The Christmas Ornament
  • Christmas Star
  • Christmas in Conway

A Very Merry Mix-Up

A Very Merry Mix-Up

What happens when an antique shop owner sets off to meet her fiancée's family? Of course, there's a mix up. Starring Alicia Witt, Mark Wiebe, Scott Gibson, Susan Hogan, Richard Fitzpatrick and Lawrence Dane. This movie is available on DVD from Amazon by clicking here.

The Christmas Spirit

This story is like that seen of It's A Wonderful Life set in modern times. In this film, the main character tries to save a small New England town from a real estate development. Starring Nicollette Sheridan of Desperate Housewives fame. It does not appear to be available on DVD.

Let It Snow

Window Wonderland

What happens when New York City department store employees try to win a job dressing windows? That's the premise of this movie, which stars Naomi Judd, Chyler Leigh, Paul Campbell and Cameron Mathison. It is not available on DVD.

Let It Snow

Can a wonderful lodge in Maine become a trendy hot spot? Let It snow stars Candace Cameron Bure, Alan Thicke and Jesse Hutch. Let It Snow can be found on Amazon here.

The Santa Switch

What happens when a dad who needs help gifting his family with a great holiday is handed Santa's reigns? Starring Sean Astin, Ethan Erickson, Anne Dudek, Annie Thurman and Griffin Cleveland. This movie does not appear to be available on DVD.

Pete's Christmas
Pete's Christmas

What happens when a middle child is allowed to repeat things over and over again until he is able to gift his family with the holiday he thinks that they deserve? Starring Bruce Dern, Bailee Madison and Zachary Gordon. Find Pete's Christmas on Amazon by clicking here.

Christmas Share

What happens when when a couple that includes a musician from a small town and an advertising executive, switch houses at Christmas? Starring Tricia Helfer, J.T. Hodges, Mark Lutz and Cristina Rosato. This movie does not appear to be available on DVD.
Snow Bride

Snow Bride

Find out what happens when a tabloid reporter discovers the political family she's been hounding is not what she thought they were. Starring Patricia Richardson, Katrina Law and Jordan Belfi. Snow Bride is available on Amazon by clicking here.

The Thanksgiving House 

What happens when a lawyer from Boston inherits a house that sits on the site of the first Thanksgiving celebration? Starring Lindsay Wagner, Emily Rose, Justin Bruening, Adam Kaufman and Bruce Boxleitner. Unfortunately, this movie does not appear to be available on DVD.

Fir Crazy

What happens when a holiday humbug winds up selling Christmas trees on the family Christmas tree lot? Starring Sarah Lancaster, Eric Johnson and Colin Mochrie. This movie does not appear to be available on DVD.

The Christmas Ornament

The Christmas Ornament

How does a widow get through her first Christmas without her spouse? Starring: Kellie Martin and Cameron Mathison. Find the Christmas Ornament on Amazon here.

Christmas Star 

What happens when a widow meets up with his sweetheart from high school who is a huge pop star? Starring Shannon Elizabeth, Steve Byers, Julia Lalonde and Kyle Breitkopf. This movie does not appear to be available on DVD.

Christmas in Conway
Christmas in Conway

Christmas in Conway stars Andy Garcia, Mandy Moore and Mary-Louise Parker.

Hallmark calls Christmas in Conway a testament to love, filled with scenes of hilarity. Imagine if your neighbours wanted to set up a real Ferris wheel in their backyard. How would you greet that news? With joy or disapproval? What if you knew the reason the Ferris wheel was being put there was to allow a seriously ill woman a romantic memory? That is the story behind Christmas in Conway.

For those who do not receive the Hallmark Channel, it is good to know that Hallmark reserves the Hallmark Hall of Fame movies for other channels. In this case, Christmas in Conway aired on December 1, 2013, on ABC. I know that news was greeted with a cheer by fans who miss all of the holiday programming that is not available to them on the Hallmark Channel. You can find Christmas in Conway on Amazon here.

Well that's it. The Hallmark Christmas movie list from 2013.  Which ones did you see? Which ones did you miss? Which one is the most intriguing to you? Be sure to take a moment to say hello in the comments box shown below.

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Johnny Depp 2016 Calendar

For those who care, and I know there are many of you, I have found the new Johnny Depp calendars and am sharing my pick here, the large wall calendar from Red Star. The pages present 16.5 inches by 11.5 inches of our favorite uniquely talented, charming, smart and funny male celebrity. If you area big Johnny Depp fan, use a calendar full of his handsome image to mark the days in 2016.

For a bit of extra fun I have used five adjectives in this post that I think best describe Johnny. Be sure to share yours in the comment section shown below.

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Under Wraps Movie Review

Under Wraps: A Disney Channel Original and a Hallmark Halloween Movie that's not too scary!

As an eBay seller, I seek out unusual, out-of-the-ordinary movies to sell. In 2013, I came across a move called Under Wraps and I carried it home, curious about it for two reasons. Firstly, because it had a mummy on the cover and children in the pictures, it seemed like it might be a family friendly Halloween movie and be a worthy addition to my page about not-too-scary movies for tweens and secondly, because it was a joint Disney Channel and Hallmark Entertainment movie both of whom produce made-for-television movies that I enjoy.

Under Wraps is a 1997 movie in which three 12-year old children discover and befriend a 3,000-year old mummy. They accidentally set him free but feel obligated to see him safely returned to his sarcophagus by midnight on Halloween so that he won't ** poof ** become a pile of dust.

Under Wraps stars three child actors: Adam Wylie from the Gilmore Girls, Clara Bryant from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Corinne Bohrer from Veronica Mars. Making an appearance as the bad guy Kabut, is Ed Lauter who has appeared in an endless number of television programs and movies during his career. I recognized his face immediately, perhaps from the movie Seabiscuit.

It is definitely a tween or pre-teen friendly movie. The opening scene, set in a movie theatre with two of the main characters watching a horror movie, was the scariest part but is over fairly quickly and I believe it is just the type of scare that your tweens might be looking for. The scene features a gross looking monster attacking a dad in the kitchen. I won't say more for fear of spoiling a moment for you but I will say that it was more intense than I was anticipating but no blood is shown. After that initial fright, there is some sense of scariness woven throughout the movie and a whole lot of screaming, all interwoven with humour. It is a good movie for older children who are not ready for true horror movies as it is part horror movie and part comedy movie.

Disney's Under Wraps Movie has become a cult favorite. A fun movie with a Halloween theme that is not too scary!

Under Wraps Movie Trailer


Don't watch this trailer if you don't want your surprise to be ruined. However, if you want to understand the nature of the scary scene, do watch it. It's a slightly long review at 5-minutes but perhaps necessary if you want to decide whether or not to show this film to your children. Honestly, though if I wanted to enjoy the movie and was previewing this trailer for my children, I'd stop after the initial scene (set in the movie theatre) because this is not just a trailer but a full review of the entire movie with scenes shown all the way to the end. I agree with the reviewer that the opening scene is the scariest part of the movie.

Have You Seen Under Wraps? Are You Wondering Where You Can Buy It?

Now I have to impart the bad news. Although this movie was once readily and affordably available, it is not anymore. It can be very expensive because the demand for it is much greater than the supply.   If you are looking to buy it, I recommend you check the current pricing on Amazon by clicking right here and on eBay by clicking here. You might be lucky and find a copy of the movie that is priced reasonably. However, it is more likely you will find one that stretches your budget or that you might not find one at all.  Good luck to you if you are looking to add a copy of this movie to your collection.

Pricing aside, I think Under Wraps is an enjoyable if somewhat dated movie worth adding to your collection especially if you remember watching it on the Disney Channel when you were younger. It will make you smile. I watched it again recently and even though I was alone I laughed out loud.

How about you? Have you seen Under Wraps? Would you recommend it? Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know what you think about Under Wraps.

See you
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Walt Disney's The Watcher in the Woods Movie Review
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Author's Note: Please note this post was originally written in 2013 on another website.

The Man with the Golden Typewriter

The Man with the Golden Typewriter Ian Fleming's James Bond Letters

It seems like every year there is a new and interesting release just in time for Christmas from the world of Ian Fleming and James Bond. This year, 2015, is no different and it is bringing this interesting book, The Man with the Golden Typewriter: Ian Fleming's James Bond Letters. Compiled by Fleming's nephew, Fergus Fleming, it shares the letters between Fleming and his fans and how they helped alter aspects of James Bond's world. It looks like an interesting read and will definitely be a great Christmas gift idea for fans of both the author and the spy.

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Star Wars Legendary Jedi Master Yoda

Star Wars Legendary Jedi Master Yoda Toy

If anything, the Star Wars Legendary Jedi Master Yoda will make you smile. That is, if you can find one. This electronic, voice-activated Yoda figurine, which can speak 115 phrases and move a lightsaber, is already sold out in places. As I right this, Amazon shows it temporarily out of stock. I assume that more will become available in the weeks leading into Christmas but, seeing that Forbes' magazine calls Star Wars the franchise to beat this year, it is not really surprising that it is sold out, is it?

If you want to buy this Yoda figure, you may have to go on a bit of a search. You can check out Amazon's listings by clicking here though when I looked in May 2021 it was no longer available. You can, however, find it on eBay by clicking here. You can check local sources. It is definitely a case of buyer and budget beware...the harder to find this item becomes, the higher the price is going to go and conversely, if the manufacturer supplies a bunch of them, the price should return to normal, which I believe is about $180 U.S.

Of course, you could just take a pass and, if you are a fan, choose a lesser toy, a t-shirt or a Yoda coffee mug or just smile and allow the fact that the Star Wars franchise is back to be a gift in itself. That is my plan. My family is thrilled that Star Wars is being rebooted and hopeful that it will be worthy of the previous films. I hope so, too.

How about it? Are you a Star Wars fan? Are you anxious for this reboot or maybe not? Will there be any Star Wars merchandise under your Christmas tree this year?

See you
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Despicable Me 2 Minions Poster

Despicable Me 2 (I Love Minions) Movie Poster

I'll admit it...I have yet to see Despicable Me and I don't love Minions...but my grown son does so I'm bringing you this I Love Minions movie poster from Allposters as a wordless Wednesday post. How about it? Do you heart minions?

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The Best Harry Potter Decorative Gift Ideas (2020)

A page of great Harry Potter home decor, also perfect for your HP parties and costumes!

The Harry Potter franchise has spawned some truly amazing merchandise including the seven fantastic items on this page that really are perfect gifts for any Harry Potter fan, young or old. Each of items would double up perfectly as party decorations for Halloween and birthday parties and then magically become a part of your Harry Potter themed room.


The Best Harry Potter Decorative Gifts

What Harry Potter décor would be complete without a sorting hat? Fans will know that the sorting hat is used when you arrive at Hogwarts and that it sorts you into the house you will be part of, whether that be Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin. The sorting hat would make a magnificent centerpiece for your table or accessory for your Harry Potter costume.

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Harry Potter's Tri Wizard Cup Lamp

The Triwizard cup represents the trophy that is given to the winner of the Triwizard Tournament at Hogwarts. This replica is quite amazing, I love it because it is really a lamp! It is recommended by the manufacturer for individuals over 3 years of age. A lovely piece, a collectible, this lamp is 12 inches tall.

People who have purchased this lamp said:

"I bought this lamp for my thirteen year old daughter who is a huge Harry Potter fan and she was absolutely thrilled. It is a very good replica of the tri wizard cup featured the movie and it makes a good accent lamp for a HP obsessed teen's room." - Evensong

"This lamp is very pretty. I have it in my living room and it looks elegant (non-Potter fans have no idea that it is a movie related item). Potter fans smile when they see it!" - NA

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Harry Potter Plush Book of Monsters

The Harry Potter Monster Book of Monsters plush shown here is a great plush prop for your decor. It is a toy of sorts or a very unusual cushion. Find your monster book here on Amazon. 

There is also an animated version of the Book of Monsters from Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which you can see here on eBay.


Harry Potter Marauder's Map

The Marauder's map maps the interior of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It shows the classrooms, hallways, grounds, secret passages and every single person that is at Hogwarts. It can also identify each of those people making it a extremely useful tool for Harry Potter.

This Noble Collection Marauder's Map will help you find your way around Hogwarts and it will also make a great decoration for your Harry Potter themed room. It is a replica, in full size, which measures 15.5 by 72 inches (when opened) and which has been printed on parchment paper.

Purchasers said:

"This map was a hit! It was a Christmas present for a self-proclaimed Harry Potter geek. He was expecting the little Marauder's Map that's being given away in Harry Potter 6 and was totally amazed and thrilled with this one. I recommend it for your favorite Harry Potter geek." - TS

"Beautiful map. Fairly heavy weighted paper, and the folds are pretty easy to follow. Good details on the map. You almost expect to see footprints waking around!" - LD

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The Marauder's Map Cushion or Pillow

Another perfect Harry Potter gift item is the Harry Potter marauder's map pillow. A quality item from NECA, it measures 17 by 14 inches and is recommended for individuals 13 years of age and up.

"The details in the print and the edging on both sides of this pillow are quite beautiful! I bought it as a Christmas gift for my husband and he absolutely loves it! The filling is nice and firm, and the fabric feels very durable. This is a decorative pillow not a snuggly one due to the texture of the fabric."- SLV

Click here to order your Marauder's Map pillow from Amazon.


The Marauder's Map Throw Blanket

Okay, I'll admit it. I always use a throw blanket when I am watching television but I do not have a throw blanket that I like as much as this one that features the all important Marauder's Map from Harry Potter.

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The Marauder's Map Coffee Mug

My son owns this Marauder's Map coffee mug (shown below) from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and it is handsome. If you are looking for a practical Harry Potter souvenir or gift, I can highly recommend this coffee mug though be aware that it is big, very big!

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Since this mug is out of production, you might do better today by checking for it on eBay by clicking here. When I checked just now, there were more available at a lower price, too.

I hope that this page has given you some more Harry Potter decorating ideas.

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