The Best Nature and Adventure Imax Documentary Films on Blu-ray

If you are looking for ten of the best Imax blu-ray documentary films, then you have found the right place for featured on this page are ten of the bestselling Imax films available.

There are at more than a hundred amazing Imax films available on blu-ray now as I edit this page in the spring of 2012 and the top 10 are featured here. One hundred is a far cry from the less than twenty I had to choose from when I created the first list of the best Imax blu-ray movies in 2008.

This Top 10 list is compiled using information from three sources: the top-selling Imax blu-ray movies; the best rated Imax films; and the ratings received from reviews at

You will find not only the list of movies but also a brief discussion of these films, including short reviews, links to excellent and more-detailed blu-ray movie reviews from the experts and video trailers. I believe that the trailers are particularly good at giving you an idea of the adventure you will find in each film.

Imax documentary films take us to new on to see what worlds you can explore on your next blu-ray adventure.

Imax Born To Be Wild Born To Be Wild


Born To Be Wild shares the story of two people who have spent their lives rescuing orphan animals, helping them survive and be wild. It is a true story.

The reviews of Born to be Wild include that of Debbie S. Glade who makes it pretty simple when she says, "Anyone, young or old, who loves animals will love this IMAX movie."

You can check the trailer out for yourself here:

Super Speedway


Super Speedway features racing father and son, Mario and Michael Andrettis and Paul Newman narrating. It uses footage shot from cameras mounted on both of their Indy-type race cars and, therefore, provides an excellent point of view. Plus, of course there is the SOUND of the race. You'll need to fasten your seatbelt for this Imax film and you might want to note that this was's second highest rated Imax blu-ray movie in 2010.

Reviews from viewers of Super Speedway are amazing with comments like that of Paul D. Ferguson who said that this film had an especially good human interest angle when it looked at the family of Andretti. He enjoyed the multi-faceted look into the speedway world which included technology, history and social elements. He eventually says, "The story arc gently draws you to the racing track, immerses you in the raw excitement of driving at over 200 MPH, and then eases you back out to the real world, your heart still pounding." He does says that the cars are naturally VERY exciting but that this film is not just about the speed. It is also about the people involved from drivers to designers.

With regard to the blu-ray release, DVD Verdict commented first on the fact that blu-ray technology inches us closer to the IMAX theatre experience. They thought that Super Speedway was one of the best films they had ever seen.  DVD Talk said that they were surprised by how enjoyable Super Speedway was, particularly since they are not big car fans. About the quality, they said it is SPECTACULAR and a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED DISC.

Check it out for yourself here:

Grand Canyon Adventure  


Journey to the Colorado River and learn about a river at risk and one of the most important environmental issues of our time - the shortage of water. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Wade Davis and their daughters travel to the Grand Canyon and the river and you can join them on the ride. Along the way you will enjoy the music of the Dave Matthews Band.

The reviews of Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk include comments like the fact that this film shares the real beauty of the Grand Canyon, that the blu-ray audio and visual quality are perfect and that you won't be able to take your eyes off of the screen. Customer R. Irwin said, "If you love Western scenery like I do and love to see it in the highest quality, then this is for you and that the conservation message is a plus."

With regard to the blu-ray release, Big Picture Big Sound said Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk does two jobs: highlights the world drought situation and sets a standard for blu-ray documentary films. They call this Disc reference quality.

Check it out for yourself here:



Visit wild dolphins in this adventure film. Experience the Bahamas where the dolphins live and play. Learn about the mysteries of dolphin communication. Meet a bottlenose dolphin named JoJo who explores the colorful reefs with his human friend Dean. Enjoy the extra behind-the-scenes film called The Making of Dolphins.

The reviews for this documentary include statements about how wonderful Imax Dolphins is, that the photography is stunning and the stories charming. Stephanie Manley says, "This film is perfect for people of all ages." Reviewer Paul H says that this is one of the best Imax films with an amazing soundtrack by Sting and a great job of narration from Mr. Brosnan. Finally, ShelbyLee says that anyone who loves Dolphins will LOVE this video. She watches it regularly with her children. shares that this film was Nominated for Best Documentary Short Subject and that it shares a lot of known and as well as some new things about Dolphins.

Check it out for yourself here:

Wild Ocean


Wild Ocean shares the water world of the Wild Coast of Africa and illustrates how the creatures that live in that water depend on man and the efforts the inhabitants of that part of the world are going to to save this wildlife. "Hope is alive on the Wild Coast where Africa meets the sea."

Reviews are a bit mixed for Wild Oceans but it seems that detractors are disappointed that this film does not have some of the ride-like features of some Imax films. I'd encourage you to read them for yourself.  If it is a documentary that you are looking for, it sounds like Wild Ocean delivers. Midwest Book Review says that Wild Ocean is spectacular and award winning and that it "is an unforgettable tour of the daily struggle for survival among ocean wildlife and a reminder of the ecological wonders beneath the waves that are perilously endangered by the encroaches of mankind."

DVD Talk says that Wild Ocean is gorgeous and one of the best Imax blu-ray releases to date. They call the transfer strong and the extras interesting and informative. They HIGHLY RECOMMEND it for those who love nature documentaries. Blu-ray Definition says that Wild Ocean features captivating imagery and reference-quality definition. For nature lovers AND for those who want to show of their home theatre, they also recommend this film.

Check it out for yourself here:

Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag

"You can forget about all those old-school Imax tricks here. Five minutes into Fighter Pilot, your stomach will be doing the rumba when an F-15 Eagle zooms straight up into the sky (the land beneath going, going, gone) and then . . . starts . . . spinning." - Washington Post

An exciting film - enter the cockpit with some of the world's best pilots and see some of the most challenging flying of their careers. You will follow in the footsteps of a young American pilot as he works through Red Flag - the world's intensest simulated air war and training event. You will travel 800 miles per hour with much thundering, roaring, screaming sound and stunning aerobatics.

There are plenty of positive reviews about Fighter Pilot Operation Red Flag. They include comments about amazing, close-up shots of fighter pilots in action and that this is the best military aviation documentary film available. Julian S. says that you should turn up your sound and your sub woofer and that you are going to feel like you are standing on the flight line. Even children love it with little boys in particular fall for it. Your children will surely want to be a pilots after watching this film.

Big Picture, Big Sound warns that this is a short film designed to show off jet planes - not an indepth documentary.

Take a look for yourself here:

Mystery of the Nile Extreme River Rafting


Set out on the journey of a lifetime on the Blue Nile from the source to the sea. It will not be easy but it will be beautiful. You'll see such treasures as Tissisat Falls, the wonders of Egypt, the forgotten black pyramids of Meroe and 12th century churches.

Reviews of Mystery of the Nile include comments like this film is "beautiful, educational and exciting" from Steven B. Wallach. Some call it the best documentary they've seen lately, say that the photography was very good and that the story engaging.

With regard to the blu-ray release, DVD Verdict said that this film looks quite good on blu-ray and they recommend it for the entire family.

Watch for yourself here:

Space Station 


Space Station and Tom Cruise take you to visit the International Space Station in this Imax documentary film. It shares the story of the individuals whose dreams took them beyond the Earth itself.

Reviews of Space Station include comments on the remarkable difference between the quality of the DVD and the blu-ray disc and that the blu-ray version is stunning. Gulf Breeze Granny said her family found this Imax film informative and entertaining. says that Space Station gives a new look at what the space program has done and that this one ranks near the top because it both educates and entertains. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Check it out for yourself here:

Volcanoes of the Deep Sea

In Volcanoes of the Deep Sea, you will journey into the deepest parts of the ocean. At 12,000 feet below the surface you discover a volcanic world, new creatures and unique landscapes.

Reviews of Volcanoes of the Deep Sea include comments the fact that scientists AND children will enjoy this one. Carol Collins calls it a 'first class adventure' and 'stunning.' and D. Harms says that this film has some very cool footage and that Ed Harris was a solid narrator.

Blu-ray Definition called Volcanoes of the Deep Sea "another strong IMAX showcase piece" expanding with the facts that it has great video, great sound and educational value.

Check it out for yourself here:

Under the Sea


Those who love nature documentaries will definitely love Imax's Under the Sea. Travel with Jim Carrey to the Great Barrier Reef and the South Pacific. Meet a great white shark and a cuttlefish...a world beyond imagination.

Reviews of IMAX Under the Sea use words like spectacular, stunning and vivid. John F. Rooney calls it a trip. Rash67 says that this is "the closest you can come to diving without getting wet."

Read more about Under the Sea here.

Click here to order Under the Sea from Amazon.

In Closing

That's it. My list of the Best Nature and Adventure Documentary films.  I know that it will help you pick some wonderful documentary films for your collection.

Please note that I have just moved this list from another website. It was originally created in 2008 but updated yearly until 2012.  It is therefore due for an update soon. However, even if it has not been updated recently, I believe that it is still an excellent reference list of top-rated documentary films that are available on blu-ray disc for your viewing pleasure at home.

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Bond 50: The Complete 22 Film Collection on Blu-ray

What Bond fan would not love to upgrade their James Bond movie collection with this blu-ray boxed set?

Issued in 2012, it features all of the Bond movies. That means a whopping 50 years worth of movies.

Travel with Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig on their adventures as 007.

Amazon customer reviews are mostly positive with the review voted most helpful saying that Never Say Never Again is excluded supposedly because it was not a part of the original series.  Take a peek at the advertisement for the set:

I know that the boxed set would make a spectacular gift for the dad who lives in our house and for any dad or man who loves James Bond and wants to own the movies on blu-ray disc.

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The Iron Man 2 Soundtrack Is NOT A Soundtrack

What Do You Think? Is The Iron Man 2 Soundtrack A Soundtrack or Not?

First, let me fill you in on my understanding of the situation and feel free to correct me if I have any of this wrong. The simple facts, as I understand them are that:

AC/DC collaborated with Marvel Stuidos and Columbia Records to create the Iron Man 2 soundtrack.

The Iron Man 2 soundtrack contains TWO songs that are heard on the movie and a raft of other songs by AC/DC. Actually, one song appears during the movie and one during the credits.

The soundtrack also contains formerly released hit songs and songs that are not as well known. There are no new songs.

So I cannot help but wonder...should it really count as a soundtrack or is it a sell out on behalf of AC/DC? A money grab? A marketing ploy?

What do you think? Is the Iron Man 2 soundtrack really a soundtrack or not?

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Quick Note:

Buy the Iron Man 2 Soundtrack on eBay.

Please note this page was originally written in 2010 and it appeared on another website.

Two Thumbs Up

Two Thumbs Up - How did Siskal and Ebert create this expression?
Forbes called Roger Ebert "The most powerful pundit in America." (A pundit being someone who offers the world through the media his or her opinions on a subject.)

Whether or not he wanted his life work defined by thumbs, it is, at least in part as it was Ebert and his partner Siskel who created the phrase Two Thumbs Up.

In the original television program called Siskel and Ebert on which they reviewed movies together, they came to use the expressions Two Thumbs Up to represent a movie that they both liked.  It was a simple and recognizable way of indicating whether they liked or a film or not and the phrase has stood the test of time, been trademarked and become a permanent part of pop culture.

Here's Ebert explaining in his own words the origins of two thumbs up:

Roger Ebert and his reviews and the reviews of his team can still be found online at the Chicago and Roger (Ebert) Presents At The Movies.

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Iron Man Ultimate 2-Disc Edition Blu-ray

Iron Man Was One Of The Best Blu-ray Movies of 2008

Iron Man is a fun, action packed movie starring Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, particularly because of Downey and his character, Tony Stark.

DVD Talk Review says, that "while most superhero movies these days are duking it out over who's grittier, bleaker, and the most hellbent on slaughtering their supporting casts, Iron Man captures everything I love about Marvel comics." About the blu-ray release, they say that "Iron Man looks and sounds incredible on Blu-ray, and the movie is backed by somewhere in the neighborhood of four and a half hours of high definition extras."

High Def Digest writes "This Blu-ray is unequivocally terrific...with great video and even better audio, plus hours of HD-quality supplements. 'Iron Man' on blu-ray is a no-brainer."

The Movie Mom writes an excellent movie review, not of the blu-ray release but with a solid look at the appropriateness of the movie for children and the PG13 rating.

Finally, I highly recommend the Amazon Customer Reviews for this movie. I think they are great, there are many of them and they come from a wide variety of individuals. Most importantly, Iron Man scores 1,432 5-star reviews and they include wording like, "great use of special effects is good to dazzle your friends," "Iron Man could well replace Superman in the Big Three of comic book superheroes in the movies along with Spider-Man and Batman" and "the 2-Disc ultimate edition delivers!"

If you are interested, you can buy Iron Man on blu-ray from Amazon by clicking here. The blu-ray reviews on this page are about the Ultimate 2-Disc Edition, as shown at the top of the page.  The ultimate edition comes with a second disc full of extra features and BD live.  Unfortunately, this edition seems to be selling at a premium on Amazon.  However, you can find it on eBay new and used at a much lower price point. Here are a few options:

You might also choose the Iron Man three movie collection boxed set as shown here on Amazon. If you are adding one Iron Man movie to your blu-ray collection, you are going to want to add them all though if you want all of the special features, the 2-disc edition is your best bet.

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The Best Blu-ray Movies EVER (2008)

Looking For The Best Blu-ray Movies?

Are you wondering what the top 10 Blu-ray movies are? Well, you need look no further, you have come to the right place. This page includes the best Blu-ray movies ever as defined by expert reviewers online. For this list, I have set aside my own somewhat biased personal opinions about specific movies and instead focused on what the experts have to say.

This movie list is created with an emphasis on quality of picture, sound and special features with some consideration given to the movie itself in an attempt to bring to you the best viewing experience possible on your HDTV. It is not a blockbuster movie list, not a list of the best films ever nor a list of the Academy Award's Best Picture nominated movies. Instead, it is a list of movies that are intended to showcase your home theatre and provide a truly awesome high definition viewing experience. It contains some absolutely amazing individual movies, boxed sets and collections.

Remember the mandate of this list. Top quality Blu-ray films! In order to maximize your home theatre experience, the Blu-ray movies on this list have the best Picture Quality, Sound Quality and Extras.

This list was originally written in 2008, when these movies were much newer. However, it is still an excellent reference list of top-rated Blu-ray movies.

Game of Thrones Complete Second Season Review and Trailer

Game of Thrones Complete Second Season
When my research revealed that Game of Thrones: The Complete Second Season was at the absolute TOP of the pile as the best Blu-ray movie, I was shocked and amazed that a television mini series ranked so well.

Having said that, I must admit that first the Game of Thrones books held my family's attention and then the television series did and even I reluctantly watched Game of Thrones, The Complete First Season.

My sons were shocked and disbelieving that I watched it because The Game of Thrones would surely be an R rated movie if it was at the movie theatre. It is packed with violence and sex, something that I normally don't watch but it had a good story, too and characters you grew to care about.

The Game of Thrones pulled out all the stops and left viewers everywhere talking about it and wanting more. If you don't already own it and you aren't put off by the R rated content mentioned above, you should want to add  The Game of Thrones on Blu-ray to your collection. 

Here is the Season 2 trailer: declared the season 2 discs, "stunning, near-flawless -- if not source-perfect" and called the audio, "powerful and precise."

The Titanic Blu-ray Movie Review and Trailer

The Titanic on Blu-ray Disc

The original release of The Titanic was in 1997 and at that time the movie was well received and achieved huge commercial and critical success. It was nominated for an amazing 14 Academy Awards and took home 11 of them including Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director. It was the first film ever to gross over a billion dollars and was the highest grossing film of all time until the release of Avatar, which overtook the Titanic with its gross in 2012.

This re-release of such a major film was inevitable and was done with the commemoration of the centenary of the sinking of the real Titanic. The result pushed the Titanic's gross above two billion dollars making it the second film ever to pass that dollar mark.

The new Blu-ray release is interesting on two fronts. First, for the quality reworked footage and second for the special features that include two brand-new documentaries, 29 deleted scenes, 60 behind-the-scenes featurettes and an alternate ending.

Here is the Blu-ray release trailer:

High-Def Digest says the Blu-ray version of the movie is spectacular, with "reference-quality high-def transfer and an interesting audio presentation that expands with the narrative..." calls the Blu-ray release stunning in all ways..."with breathtaking video, totally immersive sound, and enough supplements to fill a day or two, Titanic shoots towards the top of the heap of 2012 Blu-ray releases..."

The Lord of the Rings: Motion Picture Trilogy Blu-ray Review and Trailer

The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy Blu-ray Review and Trailer

I was totally surprised at the amazing reviews that this Lord of the Rings Blu-ray boxed set received. It is on the wish list of the three LOTR fans in my house and, if someone you know loves these movies, you will have to have a set, too. This set is remastered and delivers top video and audio quality. The experts call it a must own and IGN says that it is essential.

Lord of the Rings Blu-ray Trilogy Extended Edition - The new Lord of the Rings Blu-ray trilogy almost snuck past me. However, I saw mention of it in the newspaper last week along with a very unusual five-star rating, which sent me looking for more information...

The Dark Knight Blu-ray Movie Review and Trailer

The Dark Knight on Blu-ray Disc

The Dark Knight has long been one of my favorite Blu-ray movies. It was not a stand-out movie for me at the movie theatre but it was an amazing movie in my home theatre. It's a 'dark' movie and not really appropriate for children. The delivery of this movie to Blu-ray disc is superb. 

Here is the official movie trailer:

My family's Dark Knight Blu-ray movie review - On this page you will find our review of the Dark Knight as well as the reviews of many experts. still features The Dark Knight at the top of their Blu-ray movie reviews. They say that The Dark Knight is unique and riveting and give it their highest recommendation.

High-Def Digest says that The Dark Knight was an instant classic, the best comic book movie of all-time.They praised the story, the acting even Gotham City. They called it a must see. The closed by saying, "Pick it up without hesitation."

Star Wars The Complete Saga Blu-ray Review and Trailer

Star Wars the Complete Saga on Blu-ray Disc

This release of the Star Wars movies was not without discussion including but not limited to the facts that the original, untouched films were not included in the set and that there are some moments added that purists deem 'goofy.' Some consider the original movies to be very important. However, the films have never been seen or heard better than they are on these Blu-ray discs and it would be a real shame for you to miss out on this opportunity.

If you're not a diehard Star Wars fan, you'll probably be totally happy with this set. If you are, why not let go and enjoy! As Sound and Vision magazine said, "it's overwhelmingly wonderful." You can always rewatch it on VHS or DVD when you want to see the original movies. highly praised this Blu-ray boxed set. They said that the movies have never looked or sounded better. Plus, they come with a LOT of special features and they highly recommended the boxed set.

High-Def Digest says that the video presentations aren't perfect but the audio is and worthy of being treated as demo-material for any sound system. They called the special features, "weeks worth" and also called it highly recommended.

2001 A Space Odyssey Blu-ray Movie Review and Trailer

2001: A Space Odyssey on Blu-ray Disc

It is actually rather amazing that 2001 A Space Odyssey remains firmly planted on the list of best Blu-ray discs ever, since it was one of the early releases.

High-Def Digest says, "Admittedly, 2001: A Space Odyssey isn't for everyone -- but in my opinion it's the single most important science fiction film in the history of cinema." They also say that this movie influenced films that we see today and that it should be heaped with clout and recognition. The Blu-ray edition features amazingly gorgeous transfer, elaborate audio track and a great variety of supplemental features.

Home Theatre Forum called 2001 the granddaddy of science fiction films and they said that it is easy to see why when you watch this Blu-ray release. They call it Highly Recommended!

Here is the original movie trailer:

Sound and Vision Magazine says that this movie looks better on Blu-ray disc than it has looked since 1968. I cannot imagine a better recommendation than that.

The Twilight Zone Blu-ray Film Review and Trailer

The Twilight Zone on Blu-ray Disc

The Twilight Zone, Season One, contains 36 episodes on six Blu-ray discs of this bizarre and supernatural television series. This season contains a few of the episodes deemed very important, including Time Enough at Last, The After-Hours and The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street.

The Amazon customer reviews of The Twilight Zone Season One are glowing with comments like Rushead's when he says that he would give the quality of this Blu-ray five stars and Bruce Spizer's when he said that this set is comprehensive, containing all episodes in the order they originally appeared and finally N. Stock's when he said, that this set has been "remastered from the original camera negatives and soundtracks" giving it the best quality ever available.

To see all of the Amazon Customer Reviews, click here.

Monsters and Critics says that this set looks pristine, even better than when it originally aired. Monsters and Critics holds this set in such high esteem and actually said that it is extremely highly recommended. 

High-Def Digest says that the video is better than they thought possible, that the sound is fantastic and that the extras "just keep going and going." They call this set one of the best Blu-ray sets this year. was also pleased with this set. This show was important and influential and it has been remastered beautifully and includes a plethora of special features. 

The Godfather: The Coppola Restoration Blu-ray Movie Collection Review and Trailer

The Godfather Complete Restoration on Blu-ray Disc

The Godfather is a star studded movie featuring Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Robert Duvall, Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton. It's an iconic movie that follows the rise and fall of a mob family in America and actually paved the way for later mob movies like Scarface and the Sopranos.

The Godfather really doesn't need an introduction but perhaps this Blu-ray boxed set, The Godfather: The Coppola Restoration does. 

It contains three movies: The Godfather, The Godfather Part II and The Godfather Part III.

The Amazon Customer Reviews are truly impressive, with 759 of them being five stars and viewers saying things like, "Stunning," "Faithful" and an offer you should not refuse. calls The Godfather "perhaps the most impressive set ever released." saying no other collection has ever gone to such lengths to carefully preserve three classic films as they originally appeared. They give it their highest recommendation saying, "Leave the gun, take the cannoli, and buy the Blu-ray."

The Sound of Music Blu-ray Movie Review and Trailer

The Sound of Music on Blu-ray Disc

Surely, this 1965 classic movie starring Christopher Plummer, Julie Andrews needs no introduction. The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Music must certainly be one of the most memorable of all movie songs. But people fell in love not only with the music in this movie but also with the characters and the story, which was based on a true Austrian family in World War II...

Amazon customer reviews are understandably singing out loud about this classic movie and I encourage you to check them out. Dennis A. Amith called it a perfect release, Tate says that The Sound of Music Blu-ray disc is not a restoration it's a transformation and that fans simply MUST own it on Blu-ray and Richard T. Leafgreen says that this is the movie for people who think that only new movies can look good on Blu-ray.

Here is a look at the trailer for the Blu-ray release of the movie: gave The Sound of Music their highest recommendation, saying that this is an extremely happy movie and that the Blu-ray features a "pristine transfer, lush audio and hours of bonus features."

BigPictureBigSound states up front that they consider The Sound of Music one of the best movies ever made. About the Blu-ray disc, they called it one of the best releases of the year and one of the best Blu-ray releases yet.

Band of Brothers Blu-ray Film Review and Trailer

Band of Brothers Blu-ray Disc Boxed Set

Band of Brothers is a true story set in World War II that was made into a 10 part mini series. It tells the story of an airborne infantry called Easy Company and follows them from boot camp right until the end of the war. Easy Company shares the D-Day invasion of Normandy, the invasion of Holland, the Battle of the Bluge, the freeing of a concentration camp, the taking of Hitler's Eagle's Nest. It is a historical movie full of attention to details. 

There are a number of Amazon customer reviews of interest for Band of Brothers, including this one by Archmaker, who says, "A one-of-a-kind production, having the time to tell the tale with detail and care, and with all involved doing honor to the men who lived it. And finally, there are those men, bringing it all back to the reality of real lives lived. Exceptional stuff." says that Band of Brothers is a masterpiece. With regard to the quality of the Blu-ray release, they say that the video is true to its source, that it possesses an incredible soundtrack and impressive supplements.

High-Def Digest says that Band of Brothers is an absolute must have, exciting excellent video and audio quality and a 'slew' of supplements.

Beauty and the Beast Synopsis and Movie Trailer

Beauty and the Beast on Blu-ray Disc

Disney's Beauty and the Beast became available in high definition on Blu-ray disc for the first time ever when it was released from The Vault on October 5, 2010. Most everyone knows the animated story of a young woman (Belle) and a prince (The Beast.) The Beast is actually a young man under a curse who must fall in love and have someone fall in love with him to escape. Here's a peek into the Blu-ray release: 

Beauty and the Beast was a beautiful movie even before high definition became available. It was given an amazing transfer and, as Amazon customer E.B. Yangali said, "watching it on Blu-ray was beyond my greatest expectations. It made a remarkable story even more beautiful, which I always thought impossible." I agree.

Disney'sBeauty and The Beast Blu-ray Movie Review - If you are looking for more information about the Blu-ray release of Beauty and the Beast and your options, you will find it here, on my page about the movie. was suitably impressed with Beauty and the Beast. They called it a must-have Blu-ray contender and one of Disney's best Blu-ray movies of 2010. It definitely earned their recommendation.

Hollywood Chicago recommended showing Beauty and the Beast to anyone who still doubts the difference in quality between Blu-ray and DVD. They declared it one of the only animated movies that shows better now than it did when it was issued...


So there you have it. Ten of the best quality Blu-ray movies! We are really enjoying our Blu-ray player. How about you? Do you have a Blu-ray player? Are you enjoying it? Was this list of the best Blu-ray films helpful?

See you

at the movies!

Finally, How Do You Spell Blu-ray?

Remember, too, that when you are searching for Blu-ray movies blue-ray, blue ray or blu ray is properly spelled without an 'e', with a hyphen and with a capital B. I have seen everything from top bluray movies to best blue ray movies. That is a distinction when you are searching for good information and there is a lot of confusion about the proper spelling. Searching for 'movies blueray' will find information but eventually, when we are all familiar with Blu-ray technology, we will spell it correctly and search for 'movies Blu-ray!'

Please note this page was originally written in 2008 and has been updated regularly since then. It previously appeared on another website. 

Batman: The Dark Knight Blu-ray

The Dark Knight Was One Of The Best Blu-ray Movies of 2008 

Batman: The Dark Knight was definitely a star in our 'home theatre.'  Believe it or not, I enjoyed this movie more at home than I did when I saw it at the movie theatre and I was thrilled to read Sound and Vision magazine's The Dark Knight blu-ray review, which confirmed how great I thought it was.

Sound and Vision called the blu-ray release an 'Unstoppable Force' and placed it on their list of the best blu-ray movies of 2008.  For what it is worth, it is actually one of the few action movies that I have rewatched.  For our complete review, read The Little Family's The Dark Knight Review.

Meanwhile, here are a few expert Reviews of The Dark Knight on blu-ray disc:

High-Def Digest said, "The hype for The Dark Knight this past summer was almost deafening. For months before its July release, the sense of anticipation was breathless."  With regard to the blu-ray disc, they said, "Pick it up without hesitation." said, "With the help of Lieutenant Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman) and District Attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart), the Batman (Christian Bale) has been making headway against local crime..." and the blu-ray received their highest recommendation.

Engadget said, "To (mis)quote the infamous Dennis Green: 'It was what we thought it'd be.' In other words, Warner Brothers' The Dark Knight truly is as mesmerizing and awesome on blu-ray as it was in theaters."

Have you seen the Dark Knight on blu-ray? At the movie theatre? What did you think?

See you
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The Little Family's Batman: The Dark Knight Blu-ray Review.

Please note this page was originally written in 2009 and previously appeared on another website. 


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