Michael Jackson's Earth Song on The Grammy Awards 2010

First, I am going to apologize for writing about Michael Jackson for the third time in the last couple of weeks. I am really not a Michael Jackson groupie. However, he did figure prominently in my growing up years and he has been in the news lately.

We just now finished watching two of Michael Jackson's children accept a Lifetime Achievement Award for their father on the Grammy Awards. Their appearance was interesting but not particularly noteworthy; they did a fine job of accepting the words and speaking of and for their father.

Before the presentation of the award, Carrie Underwood, Celine Dion, Usher, Smokey Robinson and Jennifer Hudson did an absolutely amazing job of Michael Jackson's Earth Song.

Michael Jackson's video that was made for the song was played at the same time in the background in 3D which meant, for those of us in the home audience without the proper glasses, the video failed to be beautiful and was actually quite distorted. What a disappointment, especially for someone who saw the original video on This Is It.

Please don't judge this wonderful video based on what you saw on the 2010 Grammy Awards. Instead, check it out in all its glory on the DVD or blu-ray discs.

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Check Out Squidoo Music, An Amazing New Music Blog

Wow! If you love music, you are going to enjoy reading a new music blog that I just discovered which features the musical pages written on Squidoo. Squidoo Music has something for every taste in music including classic rock, blues, country, folk, dance and classical music. A collaborative effort involving seven talented writers, here is a peek at what I have seen so far...

Who is Playing the Halftime Show at 2010’s Big Game?

Friday Dance Party: African-American Roots of Hip-Hop and Rap Music

Country Music Is Sexy!

This is what a music lens should be like: James Taylors’ non-hits

Featuring Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Ballet

The Prince OF The Delta Blues

Sounds Of Joy ~ Dr. Hook

Whatever your taste in music, I hope you will head on over to Squidoo Music and see what is playing.

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(or at the dance!)

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Squidoo Music
Order this Coldplay poster from Amazon.

Planet Earth or DisneyNature's Earth? Which One Should You Buy?

If you're unsure which of these documentaries is the one for you, there are a couple of things to consider.

First, if you are a keen nature documentary viewer, than hands down BBC's Planet Earth series is for you and will provide hours of viewing.

If you want to see some of the majesty of Planet Earth but don't want to invest the time to watch an entire series, than I believe DisneyNature's Earth is what you should choose.

If you are a big fan of Planet Earth and have seen all the episodes, then you really don't need to see the Disney film.
If you've seen the Disney film but not Planet Earth, it is definitely worth considering.

I've been following the controversy about Disney using the BBC's footage from Planet Earth, reading comments from understandably disappointed people who paid $50 for their family to see Disney's Earth and then discovered that they've seen more than half of the footage before on Planet Earth.

I've seen bits of Planet Earth.
I've seen all of Disney's Earth.

Both were beautiful and I think it boils down to personal choice. Simply put, I think Planet Earth is a better or more complete nature documentary. However, that is not to say that there is anything wrong with Disney's Earth, I enjoyed it and it was beautiful, however it is simply a shorter version of Planet Earth.

The 10 Top Movies on Blu-ray 2009

I saw the February/March edition of one of my favorite magazines yesterday and I was EXCITED for it contained the 10 top movies on blu-ray of 2009. Amazingly, I actually own three of them although I haven't seen all three yet. There's a lot of animation on this list and not as much action as on previous lists. Seems like an interesting list, a bit unexpected perhaps but, as always, what a great resource for helping us to choose what blu-ray movie to watch next.

So here it is, Sound and Vision Magazine's 10 top movies on blu-ray from 2009.

* Up
* The Seventh Seal
* The Wizard of Oz
* Star Trek
* Coraline
* The Prisoner: The Complete Series
* Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
* Slumdog Millionaire
* Watchmen
* Gone with the Wind

Which ones have you seen? Or perhaps more importantly to you, which ones haven't you seen?

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Subscribe to Sound & Vision magazine for just $12 from Amazon by clicking right here.

Who Was Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson continues to intrigue me...who was he? I've found myself thinking about him on and off again ever since I watched This Is It yesterday.

Wouldn't you love to be able to sit down and have a conversation with him?

I'd want to ask him questions like:
  • Why did he have such an affinity for wearing a jacket or blazer?
  • Why the glove for all those years?
  • How often did he practice his singing and dancing, especially in the years when I don't believe he was touring as much?
  • Who were his friends? His good friends?
  • Was he close with his family in the more recent years?
  • If there was one thing he could do over, what would it be?
  • If he could eat dinner with three people, who would he choose?
If you had the chance to sit down and chat with MJ, what would YOU ask him?

See you
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My review of Michael Jackson's This Is It.

Michael Jackson's This Is It

Well it's here and I watched it, This Is It, that is. What did I think? Well, I really want to go to that concert and I absolutely cannot believe that after all that hard work and preparation, the concert never did and never will happen. It is really hard to believe that Michael Jackson is gone.

The footage on this film was shot for Michael's records and NOT to be made into a movie. Therefore, Michael refrained from using the full extent of his voice throughout much of the film. That would be my only disappointment...my longing to hear him really let go...

He was a musical genius. Check out Michael Jackson's This Is It blu-ray movie if you can.

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The Five Best Johnny Depp Movies on DVD and Blu-ray

If you are anything like me, you just cannot get enough Johnny Depp so I have put together a list of the five best Johnny Depp movies based on the bestselling movies from Amazon. Interestingly, all of them are available in DVD or in blu-ray format.

Public Enemies is in first place and tells the story of John Dillinger a famous and charismatic bank robber wanted by the FBI. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone called it “a landmark crime saga.” Personally, this was not my favorite Johnny Depp movie. Johnny was indeed charismatic but be aware that this is a loud and violent movie. Loud and violent enough that I did NOT care for it.

Pirates of the Caribbean is, not surprisingly, in second place at the moment. Everyone knows this story of a humorous pirate and his adventures. With regard to the blu-ray version, S. Fry, sums it up nicely. "The sound is amazing and the picture quality is awesome even on my flat screen which only goes up to 1080i. I highly recommend this set (the blu-ray trilogy) for anyone who is a Pirates fan."

Chocolat is in third place and it seems like I am writing about it a lot these days. I have included it on my page, Searching for the Best Food Movies because it is, quite frankly, one of my favorite food-themed movies. It is one of my favorite films and it just seems to me that watching it on my HDTV on blu-ray would be simply...delicious.

In fourth place is Blow which I saw once, many many years ago. It tells the story of the rise and fall of an American kid who vows against poverty and instead builds a marijuana empire in the 1960s eventually moving on to cocaine. A nice guy gone wrong and who, in the end, got what he deserved. Amazon calls it "vibrantly entertaining, painstakingly authentic."

Finally, in fifth place, is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas a film which I have never seen and for which I am at a loss for words. However, I think Amazon customer reviewer, Sherrie A. Gulmahamad, sums it up interestingly when she says, "Fear and Loathing isn't just a drug movie (as all the extras on the DVD will reiterate over and over again) - it's a truthful, imaginative, twisted, and subversive take on the death of the most idealistic decade and generation. We get to see it all through the eyes of two renegade professionals, one a journalist and the other a lawyer, both fighting the good fight against scum and villainy."

All this has me wondering, what your favorite Johnny Depp movie is? Is it one of these or one that didn't make this list of the five bestselling Johnny Depp movies?

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What's Cooking Thanksgiving Movie Review

Yes, it is Thanksgiving Day again here as I watched yet another interesting Thanksgiving movie called What's Cooking. This one was different than Pieces of April because it followed the preparations and family situations of four families (Hispanic, Vietnamese, African American and Jewish) as they prepare and have their holiday dinners. The movie would not be any good if there were not some ups and some downs involved.

It made me wonder what YOUR holiday traditions are, especially in terms of the meal and it made me wonder what odd or uncomfortable situations you have found yourself in at dinner. Those will make great discussion items when I do my complete movie review page but I'd be glad to hear from you on this page in the meantime if you have any interesting stories or food choices.

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The Best Blu-ray Movies Ever & So Much More

Yesterday I spent some time organizing my blu-ray and movie pages. I created a new page to serve as an index. If you want to see all of my movie pages or all of my blu-ray pages, you will find them listed at The Best Blu-ray Movies Ever & More. It should allow you to see at a glance my entire collection of movie pages and pick out those that are of interest to you.

You'll find pages dedicated to the best blu-ray movies; to blu-ray movie lists like Imax, Christmas and Disney blu-ray movies; to my dedicated blu-ray movie reviews; to a couple of blu-ray players; and to a good HDTV review. You'll also find a lot of movies reviewed whether or not they are available in blu-ray format including my most recent series of food movies.

I hope you will find it helpful.

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The Best Blu-ray Movies Ever & More.Searching For The Best Food Movies?

Join Pieces of April for Thanksgiving Dinner

It wasn't intentional. I had no idea when I sat down to watch that Pieces of April was a Thanksgiving film. It also turned out to be a somewhat unconventional and gritty movie but, by the end, I was attached to April and feeling for her.

The Recipe:

A dysfunctional family.
A young woman estranged from her family.
A mom who is ill and dying from cancer.
An invitation for Thanksgiving dinner.

Watch as April and her partner go through the steps of preparing a 'traditional' Thanksgiving dinner, probably the first one they have ever made. Moan when you realize that the oven does not work.

A love story on a couple of levels with plenty of sad and happy parts. The sad parts will leave you disbelieving and the happy parts, crying.

A good film, okay I think at anytime of the year but it would be particularly great for the Thanksgiving season. Unfortunately though, because of a sex scene, this movie is rated PG-13 and is not suitable for your children.

Happy Thanksgiving, a season or two early.

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Hairspray Blu-ray Movie

Following on my discussion yesterday of the high school musical Grease, is the other high school musical available on blu-ray, the Hairspray blu-ray movie. I was a hold out in seeing this movie originally because there was just something about John Travolta's roll that I could not get past. When I eventually saw the movie, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

Start with a cast that included John Travolta, Queen Latifah, Nikki Blonsky, Michelle Pfeiffer and Christopher Walken and add an exciting storyline and you have Hairspray. A pretty good recipe for a good movie, I'd say.

The story? In 1962 a big girl wants only to dance and she wins a spot on a television dance program. As a result, she quickly becomes a teen celebrity...with all the good and bad things that that brings when what she really wants is a certain guy...

The blu-ray? DVDtalk.com says, "...the high definition upgrade was especially positive at adding value and the inclusion of the extras gave it the extra push to merit the higher rating in my book."

See you at the movies!

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Read about the top ten high school musical movies.

Top Ten High School Musicals

One of only three high school musicals available on blu-ray, Grease is sure to please. No one needs an introduction into this musical film, it's a classic.

What we do need, however, is an accessment of the blu-ray transfer. Did they do a good job of it? Is it worth upgrading?

Research says that the answer is a resounding, "Yes!"

High-Def Digest says, "You better believe it! Recycled extras aside, the exceptional 1080p picture and immersive lossless audio recharge this time-honored musical, lending it the look and feel of a brand new movie. The performances, songs, and high-spirited dance numbers come alive like never before, and make this – at least for now – the definitive version of a beloved film. 'Grease' isn't just the word on Blu-ray disc; it's da bomb!"

Sounds pretty convincing to me & added to my list!

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Buy Grease on blu-ray from Amazon.
Top 10 High School Musicals Movies.

Ratatouille Blu-ray Movie Review

If you have yet to see Ratatouille, you have really missed out but of course, it is not too late to see this, one of my favorite animated movies. As a matter of fact, I'm not that crazy about animated movies as a rule but this one was shot in PARIS, my favorite city, and features FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD, another favorite of mine.

The movie was excellent. That little rat can really cook and he's funny, too. The experts went all out to create the computer-generated food and to make it look absolutely, positively delicious. It not only looks good but it even smells good. (Well, I cannot imagine food smelling any better than it did in this movie.)

About the blu-ray version, Den of Geek said, "This is flat out the best looking disc I’ve seen on any high definition format. Animation has, since both HD DVD and blu-ray stepped into the world, had the better deal in terms of reference standard work (some of the imagery on Happy Feet looks utterly glorious in 1080p), but the astounding level of detail on offer here is stunning. It helps, of course, that Ratatouille’s visual palette is one so vibrant and alive, but nonetheless, the picture is pretty much without fault."

Amazon Customer Reviewers have said things like,

"Everything about this film is wonderful...it is definitely worth experiencing this delight on blu-ray." ~~ Gerard D. Launay


"Silly, sophisticated, full of surprises and a joy to watch, "Ratatouille" is not only the best animated movie of 2007, it's also the year's best family film." ~~ Julie Neal

If you have a blu-ray player, I highly recommend you check this one out. It is a must-own and it is available for under $18 from Amazon by clicking right here.

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Eleanor: Gone in 60 Seconds Blu-ray Movie Review

Yesterday, I discovered that my husband is in love with another woman. In this case, a beautiful shiny silver 1967 Shelby Mustang named Eleanor.

My son and I watched the 2000 version of Gone in 60 Seconds, which stars Nicholas Cage. Considered one of the top ten movie car chases of all time, it was definitely an exciting film. The story revolves around the theft of fifty gleaming 'girls,' any of which I'd gladly park in my driveway.

My husband returned home and asked my son how he liked Eleanor. That was my first hint that there was another woman in his life and now Eleanor has entered my son's life as well.

High-Def Digest was approving of the blu-ray, "As a Blu-ray release, this one delivers a very good transfer and solid soundtrack, plus a couple of decent extras." They were not quite so warm about the movie itself and said, "perfectly respectable effort that fans of car porn should enjoy." They must have forgotten that Gone in 60 Seconds is considered one of the top 10 car chase movies of all time.

If you're looking for an exciting car chase, check out Gone in 60 Seconds. The cars really are beautiful and the chase scene is one you'll never forget. Recommended for anyone who loves movies with car chases and beautiful cars. Definitely more of a guy film but I enjoyed it, too.

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Buy Gone in 60 Seconds on Amazon.

Julie & Julia Blu-ray Movie & Special Features

Last night we watched the Julie & Julia blu-ray movie. I have been determined to see it but the fact that I live with a house full of the male species meant that I had it on my wish list but I did not manage to see it until now.

Did I enjoy it? I did, the setting in France was beautiful. New York, not quite so beautiful...but interesting. The food was delicious. The story, funny and sweet at the same time.

I do not always watch the extras but because of the subject matter of this movie, I did. Therefore, I can say that when you see this movie, if you are interested in the world of food and cooking, you should definitely check out the extras.

One of two special feature sections on the blu-ray disc is about the life of Julia Child and featured a large selection of real people from her life recounting stories from their time with Julia. It was interesting to hear and see what it was like being a part of her life.

The other section was about the making of the movie and was filled with interesting bits like the fact that the actors weren't alllowed to hold back in their appreciation of food. What would a food movie be if the actors didn't wholeheartedly consume the food? Meryl Streep said she put on 15 pounds during the making of the film...and it took a year and a half to shed that extra weight. And, in case you were wondering, no, Meryl Streep really isn't that tall.

I'd recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good drama that has some comic moments. My husband wasn't too sure at the beginning if he was going to like it but, in the end, he said, yes it was enjoyable.

See you
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Click here to read more about Julie & Julia the blu-ray movie on Amazon Amazon has it at 50 percent off the list price & there is only $3 difference between the cost of the blu-ray and the DVD.

Michael Jackson This Is It Blu-ray Movie

Are you eagerly awaiting the arrival of Michael Jackson's This Is It?

I am.

I did not get to see it at the movie theatre but my Mother did. That is so unfair but the story is actually kind of funny, too.

My mother and stepfather went to the movie theatre hoping to see Inglorious Bastards. They arrived and the clerk at the booth said that the movie that they wanted to see was gone but that 'It' was playing. Having no idea whatsoever about what the heck 'It' was, they turned around and left. And so did the other older couple that had followed them into the lobby.

Only when they reached the street and could see the movie posters did they realize that 'It' was Michael Jackson's This Is It. When they figured that out, both couples turned around and went back into the theatre.

Did they like it? Well, my parents did. My mother's only complaint was that she felt that Michael Jackson never really let loose with his voice, that he was in rehearsal mode for much of the time. She would have been content just to see Michael sing and dance. (Who wouldn't?)

While waiting for the blu-ray to become available, you might enjoy some of the rare VHS videotapes of Michael Jackson that are still available. You can read all about them at my page, Rare Michael Jackson Videos.

So meanwhile, I am waiting to see Michael Jackson's This Is It blu-ray movie. How about you? Did you see it or are you still waiting like I am? Are you going to rush right out and buy it?

Have you considered pre-ordering it from Amazon? That's always a safe bet because of their pre-order price guarantee with the price already discounted 40 percent off the suggested retail price PLUS they'll deliver it right to your front door.

I find it interesting that the DVD was available before the blu-ray (which will be available on January 26, 2010.) I hope that means the blu-ray is going to have some great extras.

See you
at the movies!

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Preorder Michael Jackson's This Is It Blu-ray Movie from Amazon.
Rare Michael Jackson Videos

Do I need an HDTV before I buy a blu-ray player?

That's a very common question and the quick and simple answer is no, you don't but the reality is that you should not bother with blu-ray technology until you have an HDTV otherwise you won't be able to view your movies in high definition. Be aware as well that blu-ray players may not play with some older televisions.

See you
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Looking For The Chocolat Blu-ray Movie?

Yesterday, when I was doing my post about the best food movies, I fell in love with Johnny Depp all over again. When my friend said, "Now let's talk Chocolat...I swoon and my knees get weak. I could watch that movie a million times and still have the same reaction," she made me want to watch it again sooner rather than later.

My mind's eye tells me that Chocolat is perfect for blu-ray with the beautiful scenery, the decadent chocolate, the fantastic cast and the wonderful soundtrack but alas when I went looking for more information about Chocolat on blu-ray what I find was...uncertainty.

It seems, if I have it figured out correctly, that Chocolat has been released on blu-ray in Canada. Hey, I'm okay with that, I'm Canadian and I don't really care where my movies come from anyway. But the uncertainty comes from the implications that it might possibly one day be reissued for the U.S. market. There is no real information about that imaginary release available. Will it be different? Will it contain more features? Will it even happen? I certainly do not know the answers to those questions.

Meanwhile, if we want to see Chocolat on blu-ray, I guess we are simply going to have to choose the Canadian blu-ray disc. If you are an American, that means your blu-ray disc is an import but that is really of little consequence since it is available through Amazon.com by clicking right here.

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Buy Chocolat on blu-ray from Amazon.
Searching for the best food movies?

P.S. Hmmm, can I gift myself with this blu-ray movie for Valentine's Day?

The Best Food Movies on Blu-ray and DVD

Trying to determine which are the best food movies proved to be more than I could handle alone so I've enlisted the help of a few movie-loving friends (that would be you) to vote on my list of food movies.

I'm hoping that after a few of you visit, we'll have the makings of a great list...which will give us all some indication of which food movies are the most popular.

On my page, Searching For The Best Food Movies, you will find reviews of three fantastic movies:

Julie & Julia

Plus, you will find the descriptions of more than twenty other food-themed movies. I'm using the list as a guide for future movie watching and I'm taking recommendations. If you have a food movie that you absolutely love, just drop me a note and I'll consider adding it to the page. The list was set up in a way that you can print it or bookmark it and use it for planning which movies you want to see next.

See you
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Searching For The Best Food Movies?

Charlie Brown Valentine's Day Television Special on DVD

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown

When I went looking for a Valentine's Day movie, I came up with Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown. It is actually just one of three specials included on this remastered DVD and while not quite what I was looking for, it was entertaining and, for me, quite nostalgic.

If you're looking for a Charlie Brown Valentine, this DVD would be a great choice. Of course, it costs more than a typical Valentine's Day card but it also has more staying power and, within the plastic case, you will find a world of Valentine's Day memories and traditions.

Do you remember Charlie Brown and how unlucky he is in love?

See you
at the movies!


Quick Links:

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown on Amazon

The 2009 Star Trek Blu-ray Movie

Just writing my latest page about the Star Trek blu-ray movie has me wanting to watch it again. I'll never forget when we saw it at the movie theatre and I left the building saying, "this was the best movie I've ever seen."

Now, I'm not absolutely sure that is true. (How the heck would I measure that?) However, it is definitely an indication of how much I loved the movie and fortunately, there's no disappointment with the Star Trek blu-ray movie, either. Read more at Star Trek Blu-ray Movie Review 2009 but with reviews like, "impeccable picture and sound quality" from blu-ray.com, "hours of non-fluffy bonus material, sharp video and audio that reaches levels of perfection few discs have before" from thehdroom.com and "it offers nothing but pleasures" from dvdtalk.com, I don't think you can go wrong.

Add to that the deeply discounted Amazon price (currently 50 percent off the retail price) and the free shipping on orders over $25 and I'd say there's no time like the present to add this amazing Star Trek blu-ray disc to your blu-ray collection. As I said on my review page, this may just be one of the best blu-ray movies available.

See you
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Star Trek Blu-ray Movie Review 2009
Star Trek Blu-ray Choices on Amazon

Will My DVD Player Play Blu-ray Movies?

One of the most commonly asked questions about blu-ray players is, "Will my DVD player play blu-ray discs?" Unfortunately, the answer is, no. Blu-ray players will NOT play on your DVD player because the blu-ray discs are made differently and they are read differently. However, you will be able to play DVDs on your blu-ray player and your blu-ray player will even make them look better. At least that means the arrival of blu-ray does not mean we have to throw out our DVD collections!

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For more information about basic blu-ray questions, visit my page, What Will The Best Blu-ray Player Do For My Movies?

Build Your Blu-ray Collection Quickly & Easily With A Blu-ray Boxed Set

If you're looking for a way to build your blu-ray collection quickly, you might want to consider a boxed set. I've made some interesting discoveries as I worked on my newest blu-ray movies page.

The biggest discovery is that some boxed sets are a great deal...and others are not so if you are in the market for new blu-ray movies and you are considering a boxed set, make sure you do your research.

Amazon often has their movies heavily discounted and they offer free shipping once you reach a low threshold so I would definitely consider buying from them. Just make sure, if you are careful with your money, to consider the cost of the set versus the cost of the individual movies. Of course, some movies offer collectibles that you cannot buy separately and, for those, you simply have to pay more!

See you
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Build Your Blu-ray Collection Quickly With A Blu-ray Movie Box Set

Top 10 Imax Blu-ray Movies 2008

There are so many excellent Imax blu-ray films, you may be wondering which ones to pick. I would recommend you start with a list, like my Top 10 Imax Blu-ray Movies Are Adventure Documentary Films. The movies on this list were the top 10 Imax blu-ray movies in December, 2008, based on Amazon's bestseller's list.

Although my list was made about a year ago, it is still packed with excellent Imax movie choices and, even if I were to recreate it today, you'd still find excellent films on it like Galapagos, Coral Reef Adventure and The Magic of Flight. PLUS you would also find some new additions including Amazon's bestselling Imax movie right now and the one which I have on my list to see, Nature's Most Amazing Events.

About Nature's Most Amazing Events, the editors at Amazon said:

"Many will recall just how superb the shots in Planet Earth were, but if anything, Nature's Most Amazing Events tops it. The cinematography here is world-class, and it greatly enhances the series around it as a result. That said, there's more than enough substance to Nature's Most Amazing Events as it stands anyway. Diligently made and researched, and presented in an accessible, yet not condescending manner, it's another major success for the BBC in this area, and further cements why it's a world leader where natural-history documentaries are concerned."

Amazon Customer, Scorpio69, said:

"Better, in my humble opinion, than 'Planet Earth', with the same stunning photography (that looks awesome on Blu-ray). Rather than looking at nature by dividing the earth into zones, it looks at specific events that are amazing -- even miraculous -- in their intricacy and perfection. Highly recommended for nature documentary lovers."

There are more great Imax blu-ray movies available than there are poor ones. Any from my list or from Amazon's Current Bestsellers list would be great choices.

What Imax blu-ray movies do YOU recommend?

See you
at the Movies!

Quick Links:

Top 10 Imax Blu-ray Movies Are Adventure Documentary Films
Read more about Nature's Most Amazing Events on Amazon.

The Bourne Trilogy Blu-ray Collection

The Bourne Trilogy blu-ray collection features all three of the Bourne movies ~~ The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum.

Nathan Beauchamp, an Amazon Customer Reviewer had this to say about the trilogy:

"It's hard to imagine a better trilogy of films more suitable for Blu Ray than the Jason Bourne movies. Each film looks absolutely fantastic, the sound is spot on, and the films themselves are masterpieces by thriller standards. Bourne has become iconic; the Bond of the new generation. Matt Damon's all-american good looks, intensity, and acting skills give the films a credibility that many movies search for but never find.

There are so many reasons to buy this collection. The transfer quality is nearly perfect in my opinion, but I am not the type to watch the films with a magnifying glass and look for any tiny mistakes. The surround sound is simply unreal. John Powell's score really comes to life and the depth of the sound effects are fantastic. The scene in Ultimatum that takes place in Waterloo Train Station is epic and should go down in cinema history as one of the best cat-and-mouse chase scenes ever made. The storyline is well constructed, believable, and leaves you hungry for more.

Thankfully, there is a fourth Bourne movie in the works, with both Damon and director Paul Greengrass returning to make sure it is done right. I can't wait.

There are few movies I will watch again and again, and these make that very short list. The best trilogy since the GODFATHER movies (sorry STAR WARS fans), these are a no brainer for any movie fan. 5/5 stars."

This is, however, a case where you need to compare the price. Today the blu-ray trilogy is retailing for $65.99 on Amazon. Down from $119.98, this represents a $53.99 saving from the suggested list price. However, each of the movies can be had individually for $19.99, making them a better deal individually at $59.97 for all three. Given the pricing, I'd buy them individually and then be prepared to sit down and enjoy!

Read about a few more great blu-ray movie collections at my new page, Build Your Blu-ray Collection Quickly With A Blu-ray Movie Box Set. Prices change regularly on Amazon so always do the comparison shopping before placing your order!

See you
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Build Your Blu-ray Collection Quickly With A Blu-ray Movie Box Set

The Panasonic DMP BD60 Blu-ray Player, A Good AND A 'Cheap' Choice

If you're looking for an inexpensive blu-ray player that is well-liked and reliable, you just might want to consider the Panasonic DMP BD60 1080p blu-ray player. The price is right at under $130 and the player is good.

Sound & Vision Magazine said,

"Panasonic's DMP-BD60 offers great picture quality, plenty of desirable A/V features and solid, reliable performance. If I were shopping for a blu-ray player, it would be it at the top of my list."

If you are looking for a basic player that will do a good job of playing blu-ray movies, check this one out. It is a basic model so it will not have all the bells and whistles of a more expensive one but it will do a very nice job of playing your blu-ray discs.

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